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shall be much diseased provided the morbid secretions into

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grs. of the acid indicating two per cent of real acid.

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with which it is regarded and the greater the presumption that

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distinctive feature of microdactyKsm Fig. 35. We must try to

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the urine are all very markedly improved by the treatment.

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the attacks and deaths in the two groups. No deaths from

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When malignant disease of the lung is secondary the local phenomena

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mouth is inflamed the afl ection is known as stomatitis. There are

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deposit becomes brittle. From this cause and from the diminu

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epidiascope provided for the theatre at a total cost of 130. The

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white creamy juice sometimes escapes on section. A lympho sarcoma

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ary diseases such as emphysema chronic bronchitis and phthisis which

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vacant by the death of Inspector General Charles Whyte.

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relieve the point to be of much practical importance that spray

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any of the muscles around the shoulder joint. The symptoms are

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slight aud it frequently happens that a physician is not

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mechanical success but a clinical failure. The inflamed

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ment of the vessels but as the follicular apparatus was still

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The pupil was not appreciably dilated. Three grains

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the sun rays to reach its deepest part still if too

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Various antiseptics iodoform salicylate of sodium etc. have been

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There is ample reason to believe that voluntary move

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der ficb ein literarifcbes Denkmal durcb die Jobfiade gefetjt bat nocb

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to deal with the problem of the sick in such an army.

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recovered. Of the total recoveries 87 per cent were

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lus was isolated from five cases of the first seven

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these ulcers disappeared. Before learning the nature of the ailment I con

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come from Paris where during the late siege scurvy acquired

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doch in betrachtlichem Maasse zu Gunsten allerlei exogener Mo

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other journals for the names of Prentice Rotch Bement Mclntire

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abstinence and special treatment. In all my practice I have found

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tlie saddle. Tlie tumor occasioned by tlic depositing of tlie eggs of

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most abundant in those portions of the adrenals in which the

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labor. Pen tsae enumerates a large number of remedies as accelerators

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dix as a useless organ composed as it was of lymphoid

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tice. And yet pantomimic acts and spoken and written words

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nervous disease. The normal person can perceive that is can take

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There was no lameness or interference with movement.

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if the English system of re lt lemption were also in use in

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congestion and edema of lungti acute splenic tumor

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areolar tissue around the bronchi and blood vessels though they were more

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caret priusqv am formam acceperity ut ait Aristoteles Natur auscult.

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without attending to a call of nature and the next thing

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studied with some physician under indentures of apprenticeship

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haustive study made by Foerster in a large number of

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attempt on the part of himself and coadjutors to pro

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the nipple line and the sternum. The apex was bulging in the sixth

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is an hysterectomy. Ventro fixation ventro suspension nor

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