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number 62 in excess as compared with the corresponding quarter of

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is expected to be in full operation at the end of September.

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never with our present knowledge be reckoned among those which the

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affected may recover. The skin often cracks or peels off the sw elled

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ion concentration within the tissues is animportant factorin the build

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ration to health and prolongation of effect. This necessitates the man.

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and since no definite line can be drawn between this slight ingrowth

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stomach is usually full of half digested food and occasionally shows

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ported of local and general tuberculosis in man due to

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Treatment Da Costa insists on rest in bed with rooms well

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into general acceptance and achieved a great work for

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education shall have spent the whole or three fourUis of that period

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technic rather fully. All quantities of the various reagents are one half

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therefore it is argued that if the virus has not been prevented from

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The physical development of the foetus is influenced by 1

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possess. Even in the immunization against rabies the actual

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which is more expensive provigil or nuvigil

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writings of the older medical observers. The works of Hippocrates Aretseus

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pairs of Umbs the first have however a distinct umbilical cord to

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sician meant exactly what he said. There is no ques

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and aspirin no definite change could be noted as the different

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most notable medical congresses that have ever assem

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promote tlie practice of school hygiene and health and

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be accompanied by a fall in blood ever gives way because thinned by

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Geological Survey h the result that it was found to

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Hunters teachings he speaks of fibrin and discusses the phe

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and that the hemorrhage which occurs from the scalp wound and from

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suit. Five days later was called in haste to find patient coma

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conditions of service and protect their interests through

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and warm by any sort of poultice and that material is best

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illustrations were under his own supervision carried out by his

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tumour. It is often however very distressing. It may be peculiarly

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ferruginous preparations we are oftener led to proscribe them than

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peculiar dry explosive cough which sometimes comes in such paroxysms

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tradistinction to what is observed in pyloric cancers the

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restricted to milk containing a small quantity of bicarbonate of soda.

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the great majority of cases the fatal issue depends

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be differentiated from Itraurosis vulviB as follows In pruritus

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evacuation of the bowels 2j to remove infective material

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best also their average is below the other fellow s average. Observation

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diagnosticated without hesitation. The perforation may extend to the

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being so arranged as to cause a reversal of current

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disease were fully developed as tetanus is a rare a Tcr

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That important considerative ajcommodation. is luxarioosly pro

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under a Federal quarantine for bovine tuberculosis after October

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about 100.000 an atom of barium and 160 000 an atom

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sen s pepsin dissolved in glycerine to oj water and

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to find a marked diminution in the urea corresponding to the diminution

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different stages essential for its cure. We may therefore

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mately 100 000 francs a month. It utilized however this assist

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of 1 whole gland 2 anterior 3 posterior lobe 4 pars

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rarely the tumid glands suppurated. Although we cannot

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guinal canal of not opening the i gt eritoneal ea ilv and

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or iron body is magnetized by one ijole of a magnet

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ing of transplanting the internal saphena vein to the

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the details of Kummell s fatal case I have no infor

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crystalline lenses of frogs fishes and children and

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closer up than before has been adduced in this connexion.

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the disease being more common in males latter particularly in elderly ladies

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abscess the water contents of which may be absorbed leaving

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caries of London of their intention to promote a Bill in Parliament

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pharyngeal catarrh are in my opinion the most common

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and fatty degeneration of the texture. As it was but a small

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slight excess of fluid in the ventricles with a doubtful faint odour



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