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John Uri was a Hungarian who had studied Oriental literature

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shouH be undertaken at once. The internal use should be conjoined

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intelligent. No consanguinity existed helweeu the parants. Prior to the

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same as a pericardial sound either like a locomotive or systolie

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purpose of the book is entirely practical. In consequence

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direct and therefore possibly only dangerous in the presence of another

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leading. Of the two however the differential count probably

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tine either too rapid peristalsis or faulty fermentative processes bismuth

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How popular McGrigor was with the officers who served

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pressure heat or cold is common as either deep or super

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by Dr. James Bolton. No similar investigations on such a scale

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disease attended with much constitutional suffering may lead to degenera

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Art and museimi section division of laboratories and infectiovis diseases chief sur

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mucous membrane appears slightly dry for some time before salivation

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that the starches are in excess in the child s diet.

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of a few letters to offenders. The committee was of opinion that

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data for a satisfactory reply to the query If however any

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It has within the last year been my good fortune to

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the circulation. The author describes the various anesthetics

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Like many other books on the subject now before the medical

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that tuberculosis of the lungs can be arrested to a

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Table geuerale des Matieres et des Auteurs dans les 30 premiers

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states may be excreted by the breath while Geelmuyden has

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the control that it has the reputation of having over

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or repeated burns is claimed by many workers and accepted by some observers.

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favourable that he recommends it in every case of nephrosis

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adhesions were broken down so as to open up this deeper

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whose aggregate marks entitle them to a first class will receive exhibi

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that new bone has been formed that an old area of disease

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should be usedj and used early in large doses. It is supposed to

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visually relapse and die within a few months and reports one patient

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could it not considering that Smithson was a chemist fittingly take

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paralysis is seen in injuries to the cord. Debility

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posed of representatives of every large hospital in

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habitual combinations. We are too apt to take words singly and

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bed hospital the construction of which was not completed and as special

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or fourth day the punctured cells will have been removed by

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crowns and roots alike being of unusual size. An ab

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greatly improved and 30 per cent have relapsed in a short time.

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whether it was the beginning of consumption weakness of the

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down and with the ureteral sheath sutured to the bladder.

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large portion of the active principle of the gland.

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standard and these had Ifist from 20 to 70 per cent of

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so called warnings is characteristic. The onset of the apoplexy as

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of the insane in bulk consisted mainly in their housing

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effect and ultimately from cicatricial effect and employment of a negative



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