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sue surrounding it was literally filled with a network of

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are well conducted Pensions both at Nice and Cannes which are preferable

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ficult definitely to classify a case of this kind with

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our calling the cure of disease we may expect rich practical results

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and the remainder becomes thicker and fometlmes in lefs quantity

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advanced that operation was not practicable. He considers the

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old suffering from a caulked pastern joint. The animal was

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and put all together and simmer until tender. A very

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Medical Officer for the Workhouse of the Reading Union.

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In the present case though the diverticulum must have been

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selves of what had passed the year before that the 12 Lectures

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In general enteroptosis with its consequent dyspepsia

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Seriously however why should we not add horse flesh

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Three prominent factors largely determine this ratio

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being struck by the small amount of fluid which drained

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create a presumption in favour of an unusual combustibility of the

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uterine pregnancies are on record and deserve as much consideration as those

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The extensive use of poisonous gases was one of the most important military

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sciousness of sleep but in the frolicsome vaudeville or

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gastric haemorrhages. With the head and upper part of

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mental and human thrombi have led me to assign to them a more

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one such case the author dwelt with the situation success

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ened condition of the blood subsequent to gassing suggested the infusion for its

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tide of medicine has been manufactured aft ords another

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diseases of the stomach ulcer and cancer excepted 19.27 and

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expectoration is not followed by injurious results produced by the

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story can by the most forced construction of any thing in

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ceived as rental from exhibitors this year was larger

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P enger Frederick A presentation of analytical data showing tho

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the use of instruments compelled to practice yes practice indeed upon their

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of medicine cannot be too strongly condemned. The brilliant discoveries

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fcjbe gradually sunk till about four o clock when she expired.

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symposium on pregnancy. The arrangements are in the

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will supply the explanation of many an apparent anomaly and will

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general definition. We regard it however as an establbhed fact that the

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with one of those peculiar rigidities that are due to amyostatic dis

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or they meet with disaster and die. The patient s condition appears

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Dr. Gardner I thank Dr. Farrington for his discussion and I want

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accurately focused on the diseased structures and the

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subsided. Diagnosis of renal infarction was made. The patient

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too toxic and the others were excreted through the urine rather than

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this area of consolidation is the remains of an antecedent pneumonia

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On microscopic examination it was found that the grey matter was

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All organic reactions involve a reflex element or fac

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are the most organized so that they seem to act au

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sixty four cases of recovery from meningitis. There

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