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bronchioles showed severe lesions of the mucosa and often it was possible to

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Remarks. Simply none others need apply. By all mean give them a

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The next morning saw us busy transporting our patients to the

what is the most common adverse side effect of iv push valium

the Museum has been altered and made suitable for offices and

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and seemed to be in good condition. Nos. 23 and 24 were male

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will have disappeared except over an area corresponding to the

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is valium a placebo

Intima Is frequently not involved. No one has found changes

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What the cause of hunger is cannot be definitely stated.

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tlie poison which produced influenza acted on the nervous system in general

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in the evolution of disease characterized by open manifestations the

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Botany which occurred on June 4 1911. The following brief account

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phuric acid and for morphia. Pure Sulphate of Morphia is readily and

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siM of a duck s egg sprang from its upper part between

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So long as nations act under the illusion that they may without

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lion which condenses mixes with dust and dirt and forms that hard

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process This forced alliance of a vaguely defined disease with a still

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In diseased conditions it is not good to reduce the temperature

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peripheral neuritis especially affecting the extensors of the

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Gout is another disease which occasionally exhibits examples of its peculiar

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process I would think of. Tuberculosis is possible especially as he

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tions. He had no hesitation in saying also that it is

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an improper attitude than a symptom of torticollis. The

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encouraging and maintaining a national literature of our own.

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cent at which time streptococci were abundant in the cultures and empyema

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tubules from the blood vessels beginning at the point of

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Mbmorial Professorship to Dr. Jamf.8 Jackson Putnam

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blem has always been the triangle or accepted symbol

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In the rich river bottom lands of northern Germany and Russia

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tening appearance arising from stretching and oedema but the skin

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Thebaide on de DOS bonnes gens qui s emploient a la devo

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Enlargement of the spleen is a frequent symptom of lardaceous disease

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outer ring of suburban districts 2 in Liverpool one in Brighton and

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the end of the splint to keep the foot in position this

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The bacillus which produced swine fever when introduced in the

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Moscow in 1904. Usually ten drops were injected with

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Tapping the chest is unquestionably the most rational and efficacious

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call your attention to this experiment of Dr. Park.

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has also signified his satisfaction by sending John Murat a b Qdsome

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febrin salol pepsin pilocarpine quinine iodoform piperazin benzosol

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is thought well of for its mild tonic properties. The country round Whitby

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the nose pufGness of the eyelids swelling of the facial vein and of

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care being taken to avoid the use of much fiuid which might have

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of the intercostal nerves. Pressure upon any of these channels of

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podophyllin or other active purgatives it prevents tormina and is

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by manufacturing art. It is to be hoped therefore that

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a conception of the normal values. Blank examined the blood in 17 cases

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characters very definitely on account of the other germs which were by

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to part continually acting and being actei upon. In the same man

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is soinetmiat tinctl Irmjmnitic. If however all tba air bava boen



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