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chief veterinary officer of the Board had long been con

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what unusual and difiBcult. While its vascular supply may be

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The Swedish educational gymnastics is used because well

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The apparatus ooasists of a glass funnel or rubber bag

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The autopsy revealed a rent or rupture in the stomach of about

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case on account of the an esthesia and the spasms and

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Nordion International Inc. and AECL are involved in a

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of double nuclei was confined to the infusoria later

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chitinous shell. It has a very fine external membrane which facilitates

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mendicant resident of Kaligany on west of Dacca city was examined on the

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them firmly together separating them near the ear or by throwing a

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touching the surface of the subjects treated of yet forms a valuable

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After every hemorrhage of any size the temperature rises for a few days.

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Second report of the anti malarial operations at Mian Mir 1901

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encephalic disorder The principal anatomical lesions in typhus are

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The Physiology of the Endocrines as Interpreted by Physiologists

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at all by the additional force used. The portions which occasionally resisted

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and is serviceable in every stage of scrofula and scurvy it is

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the membrane were inflamed as is common in asthma the inflamed area

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Doubtless the average middleclass Englishman lays the founda

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parts of the United States in moist situations flowering in March and

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apparently being only slightly larger than the wrist

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Historical Development of Our Knowledge of the Circulation

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he has observed in cases in which a localized abscess

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ftnd finally falls in a state of convulsion. If the quantity of air

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tain the hydatid heads or scolices or the characteristic booklets.

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gigantism the so called giant growth of bones is often congenital in

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abdominal rigidity may render this condition xtremelv.hlVicult to dillerentiale

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Dejerine denies that it has any connection with the motor and other portions

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ludcni. or of so little trouble to the surgeon as a

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half grain of morphine. On further injection in divided doses of

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work is probably not more than 2 per cent and may be nearer

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of his own. This is preceded by a few lines mentioning thae

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movable over the end of the bone but not redundant 3 theyivided

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view to remove all the pathological parts of the joint.

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mittee. to bcamenderi by reading for existing column

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Leucocytosis. In the four cases in which blood counts

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tubercular adenoids develop. I believe if splendid epitome of the symptoms. I prefer

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the probability is that if ether alone had been used

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with that capricious dame uric acid diathesis. It is not plain

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general condition was good. Examining his genitals an iron ring inch

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integral. An integral is the limit towards which a sum of

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ing a repetition of the procedure which controlled the

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cerned. The tendency of the year s introductions of

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is able to generate impulses which are carried to the periphery

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cortex is much more definite so far as their location

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in May and its fruit ripens from Jnne to August. The leaves

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throat. The illustrations are for the most part original and

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selves of what had passed the year before that the 12 Lectures

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education and is represented in our best medical schools by a

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tapering at both ends head and tail without wings length 4 cm. to

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the principal phenomena whieh the application of tils

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accurate because that may help yon in aiTiving at a conclusion

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them firmly together separating them near the ear or by throwing a

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Since the appearance of Lannois thesis in 1880 the best synopsis

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solicitude. Sooner or later depending on the virulence of the process

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modic and nervous affections unaccompanied by infltmimation thus

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traced 15 cases of typhoid fever in this district to one well.

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The present paper records histological investigations confirming Ran

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taking urotropin and after six hundred and thirty grains had

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the excellent results obtained more than justified his

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be due to cerebral hemorrhage and the nature of the

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The following protocols arranged with reference to the

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present an enlargement of the affected side is discerned the inter

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disease whatever it might be was incurable until recommended by Dr.

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due to a greater efficiency in the domain of diagnosis or whether

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pressed on the Court by the medical expert that X Ray pictures of

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previous imprudences in diet by constipation and by

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medicine while the patient is lying down. The operator must be agile

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brain epilepsy and insanity are among the results attributed to

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The anterior urethra extends from the meatus to the

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pregnancy out of seventy five ventrofixations that I performed

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muscular spasms and other morbid nervous disorders of

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pale jellow imm sUglit unlMbition of Ul otlkcra aro dark brown

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constant danger of subsequent attacks and of other more serious

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ated. Many of our houses are furnished to dav with electric

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time. Some patients who had undergone treatment elsewhere

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has been honored by them with statues and a medical journal



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