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k f the cornea made in extracting the cataract or what has been

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in his prime grave and thoughtful his features regular forehead

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sanitary department to make any startling showing in the re

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For medical use it should be carded into thin sheets. Cotton has not

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November 29th the results of 30 cases of diphtheria

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women by presenting the abnormal conditions as they

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poisons that give rise to pyrexia among other toxic phenomena anil

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of the body is determined by the number of acute necrotic lesions

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inevitable feature more often in the legs than in the arms the

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tion the creche whew vor it exists is an immense relief

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well know does not now prevail. Some years ago there lived

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time been affected with rheumatism in the shoulder no attention was given

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The cases due to the gonococcus and micrococcus lanceolatus

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or wool extends far into the external auditory meatus. They

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levels with a normal rate of heart beat is this sufficient to

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opinion were successful in producing a condition which

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sloughed and the defect was filled with a flap from the

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ferrous phosphate with glucose and takes the place of

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hinder the ready escape of the lochia. After labor the

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ous parts of the pituitary gland. This most probably is due

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tissue in this situation. Partly because the space between the dura

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who must naturally have reversed her steps. They had independent thoughts

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ble feelings the sublime idea which is given of the

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When they unite in creation no shadow is too fleeting no line too

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certain cases it may aggravate it. 4. Quinin has been dis

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Therapist January 7 1899 Dr. Wm. Cheatham stated that since resorting

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Eldon. James B 1741 North 13th Street Philadelphia Pa.

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Local Ance.sthesia. Local anaesthesia has been much recommended

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that locomotor ataxia is ever completely cured. Xo such instance has

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table remote from the iron was reduced to cinders. Her clothes were not

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the thorough performance of the functions of the mouth

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cal Schools and Colleges Nursing and Convalescent In

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skin or gills of aquatic species and the endoparasitic

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indeed it is difficult to understand how a medical man can have

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brothers and two sisters an uncle and a great uncle as is

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and exanthematous effects of quinine. An interesting case oc

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Dr. G. Robb Medical Superintendent of the Fever Hos

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possibility of 0. mouhata gaining access to such quarters undetected

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about eight months since its first appearance in Sunderland the total number

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dog nothing to eat but new milk and the following medicine

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discover the idiot the imbecile the feeble minded person

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its results are little less than surprising. The presenta

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past. The cancer problem as thus stated emphatically

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e.c. of standard toxin antitoxin subcutaneously they give it just beneath

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appears to this unfortunate absolutely essential to the preservation of life

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disease processes in the living subject which is so essential as a

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salary of 125. Several candidates applied but it was

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of his predecessors show that the dignity of the Greek physician

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Giebert Devergie Bazin and his somewhat wavering satellite

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the most thoroughly studied epidemics due to this cause was that investi

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hair probably allied to common ringworm of this country. Endemic

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ralysis of the tongue palate pharyngeal and laryngeal muscles and

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Xanthoma DiABETironuM. There are firm raised nmlnlos round or

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author is well known to the profession as an earnest investigator a good

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richesse du sang en matiere colorante est sensiblement proportionnelle au nombre

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little play and recreation and a great deal of pleasant

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Body which determines the policy of the Association.

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reservedly to those who have not even the most ele

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the beak reached LP thus placing the instrument in the left

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The following oiScei s were elected for the ensuing year

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not desirable on account of the very heavy mortality and

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when they do not appear to be improving are taken out of hospital

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gas inhalation complicated with bronchopneumonia caused by staphylococcus albus and

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crises. There is vertigo coming on suddenly with nausea and

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and is specifically lighter than dry ah hence ah ascends in cyclonic

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protection in stormy weather. Flooring may be made of

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after excitement or exertion and consist of an excruciat

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normally separate synactoses. Fissures of the body cavities

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drainage is but the artificial amplification of this nat

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is only manifested when the epithelium has been dispersed by the

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well as earlier examinations did not show sugar. The patient s ordinary

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time whether he be rich or poor which yet by cf Phyfick is

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losis diabetes albuminuria some forms of obstinate dyspepsia in

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tertian. 2 The return to Belgium of soldiers who belonged to the African

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patient and physician. Your patient would be glad to

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discovery of alcohol like the invention of gun powder may be

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Diplococci in the Blood of Patients with Scarlet Fever.

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Treatment The first and most important thing after aspiration has

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substance called saliva. This is secreted by a group of glands located



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