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practitioners he was devoted to all kinds of outdoor
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It appears as if the voice of Sir Clifford Allbutt crying in
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prominent. A few areas of fatty infiltration were frequently seen but this was
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cation. They are so frequently asso climate nutritious food and out of
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The Executive Committee will proceed at once to com
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inflicted by the latter. The multiple character of nerve affections may
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for modern work well lighted le lt ture and reading rooms will
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or smaller quantity of water flowing from the nostril and they could
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the corresponding hone on the opposite side to form the
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beginning of the fifth week January 23 a subcutaneous in jec
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of gestation Avheu abortion has previously occurred it is ridiculous to con
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pericarditis or endocarditis occurs if there is exces
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If on the contrary aft be isolated the potential would only have the
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the same nerves by the same means Such indeed has been ac
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indicates that the secreting membrane is in a state of haemorrhagic
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concerned has nothing to do with the bladder. I found an infil
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was considerably lower also than for the previous year.
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separated from the normal gland tissues. To do this it
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use every day. Thus if the number of weevils were large the
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spirit and ne concludes with a resume of the English and foreign
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roform alone is used the effects are at their best
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was commenced to give the desired irifonnation and to show tlint
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have adequate facilities for the dressing of all wounds. There should
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rural population in the departments to which the patients belonged for out
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work was Dr. Harry Morris Assistant Veterinarian and Bac
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The conduct of the examination will be as follows The entire
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Modern Practice in the Induction of Labor for Contracted Pelvis.
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the end of the fifteenth century is still with Norro
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of tuberculin immunization and regular re inoculation after
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functions and control of the special senses and consciousness
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sulting rings are numerous and closely placed. As we
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ing the inclement season with far less risk of the develop
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brethren and decided shyness by the ailing public. His
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eyes are observing the limbs. Such cases whilst easily recognised by
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that a larger development of collections from wage earners
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those in rural areas to the point where curative treat
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disease. This disease has to run a course and it generally takes
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separation is at the lower margin of the placenta the hemorrhage usually
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In psychoneuroses hereditary taint may be added to the
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rheumatic fever though from investigations made with Dr. Alexander
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cially constipation is almost the rule great an application with cotton
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contain no specific virus virus originally good but
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later he may be allowed to get up and at the beginning
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sure symptoms and the patient is in fairly good condi
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permitted to cool. The inoculation is made by passing
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ant change there must be some compromise but the Canada Lancet
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generally be found that when the cord is long it is
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above all pulmonary phthisis. It would take us too far if I were
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Lloyd Philadelphia stated that he did not consider that there
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Kushner and Dr. William Spicer. Integration of these
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of their chosen aspiration these neophytes garments
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cisions not meeting below and in front. The cartil
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auscultation and percussion nor by the study of the pal



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