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the posterior wall are the parts most frequently affected. The mucous
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the following precautions useful. Instead of cutting straight across the
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Continuing witness said he had used Mr. Stevens s prepara
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shortened and contracted limbs liave to be extended
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ever wholly loses the results of knowledge and insight which
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The nutrition of the patient is as good as could be wished in
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pressure and between 60 and 90 millimeters of mercury for the
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omycosis and finally Mr. Stococks read one on Sterility in
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of the rhachis bearing two sessile and one pedicellate spikelets. Flower
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powerful ally to education. More attractive perhaps and a still
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two hundred and eleven days of the year. There are locaHties in
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irritation refers chiefly to two things. Cold should
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ticularly of value to the clinician is the enlargement of the section
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length and six inches in circumference. The gall blad
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Of all fistulous communications the external or cutaneous is the most
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Cup was presented by the Ulster Branch at the Annual
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the Southern AuxiHary in stamping out quackery and that the
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aged eighty four years. He was for some time superintendent
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this enlargement but heart and kidney disease are excluded by the patient s
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third and fourth sacral nerves and its inhibitory fibres from the
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speaks of a gentleman who for three months unconsciously carried at the
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tin Mine process which allows the valvular segment to flutter and fold
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little ones in play pushed the carriage toward the land
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excessively tender quite vascular and blood escaped from ita
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four hour.s desquamation lasts from eight to fifteen days. Isola
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irritation of the chorda tympani caused by the displaced cartilage.
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the operation safer than gastro enterostomy and advo
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both the cardiac and pyloric orifices and rapid death is presumably due to
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iJe Paris October 20th 1921 for several years have noticed
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pain in the rectum his bowels were being relieved at the time.
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through which should be obtained all the supplies for the
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who would gladly have accepted the honor of addressing j ou
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opening in the dura. This is usually associated with free haemorrhage
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Operations for other forms of cancer are of questionable util
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and bradycardia of many forms of anomalous rhythm of
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to 80 per cent of various groups of healthy people. The exact
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though the wide rangings of the comparative method have for the
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foci of infection until better methods are devised.
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Nervous dyspepsia is often associated with neurasthenia hysteria m
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tion wards. This may be done in Scotland and in Glasgow
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non contagious skin disease consisting of clusters of vesicles upon in
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systems need be strictly phonetic like that proposed for English
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Council although it was admitted in that of the army and all have
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already received and whether it adequately fits them to practise.
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for four or five patients their small size being a decided
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mencing the latter course it will be necessary for the medical officers to
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tiply only in certain foci which sooner or later become evident as
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wherever the gross activities of the body are traced to the activ
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Camphor one grain and a half. Ipecacuanha three fourths of a grain.
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when a proteid died. He would put it generally that the cyanates and
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effieieut as antiseptics and have been highly recommended



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