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it is my custom to employ them for two weeks out of
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No diarrhea. The loeal lesion is not yet completely healed. There is an
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The peculiar circumstance about the pathological anatomy
effects of valium in the body
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tice will be given of him in the November issue of the Age.
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suitably qualified persons can be found be taken from the officers
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due to the fact that the absorption of the compacta had almost
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its cycloplegic influence causes but trifling annoyance when it
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for several years in a hospital then you work for several
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greatly with the enforcement of these beneficent r lations.
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Case xiv. Ah Acute and a Chronic Toxaemia superveninfl on
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would be calculated on a ratio of the average cost of
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Salol is slowly excreted as sulphocarbolic acid and sali
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the following professors with several private teach
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botanist an able and scientific chemist and a profound anatomist that he
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ward. In this way the whole of the depression was raised
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Mr. Synar. Six running a 15 million a year thousands of cus
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the patient died exhausted. The record of statistics
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by making an incision through the posterior layer of the peritoneum ex
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one other case male in the lateral sinus but the notes are
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be gradually hardened before returning to full duty.
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poleonic and other Egyptian campaigns. Various causes
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infectious diseases by which means it was believed that
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and evaporate in a sand or water bath until the proper consistence is
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examination test is discontinued but it is the conviction of the Committee
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traumatism combined with infection of the intima. This has been
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practitioners tending to envelop the whole subject in so
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tific instruments finds a place in the catalogue and
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dilutions of 1 to 10 did not occur with Bacillus typhosus
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the powder being light and gray. Water or alcohol extracts its active
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A definite connection was traced in Selangor between malaria and
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At the session of the legislature of 1885 a law was enacted designed
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fection and there are well authenticated instances in which the stage of
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night. Nobody will care whether you are in your bed or in your
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inquire but Mr. Crawford requested that his child should not be placed
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are sometimes visited by Spaniards and Portuguese for
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Anatomical Laboratories of the University of Chicago and of the University of
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animals as regards infection. The quantity of tetanus toxin
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sublimate. The last named substance given by itself produced no increase.
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All of the sources of arsenic supposed to be possible
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and Pulmonary Vessels. Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics
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evidently the more recent formation the opaque and yellow parts being
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other pulmonary affections. The bilateral distribution of the physical
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Present Condition. General health perfectly good iritic zone
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In the development of national and iDtemationat r julatiou
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The following is a case of homicidal strangulation by a foreign
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afflicted with tumors and kindred troubles. It is intended
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known to you and without going into details it is coulidently
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cholia and the digestive system is more or less dis
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On the auricular surface of the mitral there were numerous fine warty vegetations.
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plaster Andrews. lief of prolapsus are generally useless.
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paralysis of Ihnbs is accompanied bTmusciar atrophv
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vagus than a sensitive or motor paralysis since such are
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