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For both if we may judge from European examples the personal
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It can hardly be doubted after the cases which have been
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Microscopically there is seen a marked increase in the conneetivo tissue
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Character of the Labour. Satisfactory details of the
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invariably be done by means of a Sims speculum with the woman in
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the necessary dissection of the peripheral veins or to dislocation of the
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almost invariably read before Surgical Societies and discussed by sur
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alone seven to fourteen days seemed to be the period
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which is a floating aquarium of Ciliata. In fact leeches
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treatment described by Stokes and which was discovered by a
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it happeneth that not onely the meate pattern away by
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exacerbations long intermissions a.sur rising absence of bowel
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to battle with the fever. Within five days he becamo
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spirit and ne concludes with a resume of the English and foreign
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Feeding of dichlorethylsulphide gastrointestinal lesions in 617
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a hook which will l e furnished to each candidate and the numher
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ture birth of an imperfect foetus. It has been attempted to explain the
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mesenteric glands are swollen gorged with serum but not haemor
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to normal after a diseased appendix has been removed. But
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The gross appearance of the kidneys is very much the same whether
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are normal. The speech is slow and drawling when spoken to
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the exhalations of the mouth from one person to another it is
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which tended to weaken the patient enabled the disease to
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Jledical Benevolent Fuud was wholly a charity Plpsoin
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sipelatous inflammation and best remedial measures.
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accompanied by a more or less profuse serous and sero mucous expectora
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patient s system under the influence of mercury. I am convinced that in
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deplete the body of the supersaturation of cholesterin that when
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operated on by a surgeon without special experience
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incalculably diminished. It is evident indeed that the sudden diversion
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by these experiments the conclusions are as follows viz.
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other conditions apparent from the examination of the
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and privileges attaching to the Fellowship of the said College and he
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amount contributed by these activities to the more rapid recovery of stiffened
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The Visiting Justices of the Surrey Lunatic Asylum. Reports for 1865 68.
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of incubation to protect from the disease. The imtminizing
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num could be purcussed. Left cardiac outline normal. INIuscle
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illustrated talks using lantern slides films and charts
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organisms and enlarged and inflamed tonsils are frequently much
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sciatica and of traumatic neurasthenia as it has just been de



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