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The following works have been republished wholly or in part

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which have to do with the roles of these elements in metabolism.

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camphor and conium I have not the slightest confidence.

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vaccine antigonococci serum or gonorrhea phylacogen.

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and legs. They are usually clonic in character but sometimes the patient

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pounds to 110 pounds had the effect of reducing materially the per

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found in the local inflammatory lesions. In 10 or 15

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Leaving out all cases of auto infection following labour

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electrical forces were made to counterbalance each other in muacle

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the patient died exhausted. The record of statistics

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diagnosis of disease at the beginning of the nineteenth cen

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fection direct to the alimentary tract of the human being.

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cuneiform and of the upper part of the metatarsus though some

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paid and unpaid clinical assistants in the various special

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gradation must therefore be grouped into the sections given on p. 75.

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during operations in that portion of the pelvis. Of special

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seemed very desirable to try the effects of hydrocyanic

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been invariable displace our rea.son with entanglements and

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probably of spermatic origin and in all likelihood has its starting

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minster this being an increase over the previous year of 282. The

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of water and add one ounce of cayenne. Put two wooden

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sification as the basis of all his further study of the

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sound abdominal scar where the bladder was removed. It

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to be shed upon it or drawn from it though either or

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Taylor. In Elgin Illinois on Tuesday August 6th Dr.

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scarcely a symptom of that affection except the cough. There are in

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doubt as to the malignant nature of the growth unfortunately

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Physiological effect of warfare gases on the human being including symptomatology

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as conducted by experiment stations and the U. S. Department of Agri

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the cortex that we affect the rootlets of the radicles

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Then a monthly was started but unfortunately for personal

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It is clearly established that the last two factors are under the control

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showed no relative preponderance. An apj arent change in pre

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May I bo allowed to add that as it is difficult in a

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were compressed by exsudations that had formed during a severe

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granular degeneration and disappear whilst the walls of the glands

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and there seems to be no probable future for this method.

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Representative Meeting other than that for flhich it is

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to be characteristic of it must now be briefly considered.

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mortality of from 9 to 12 per cent. that attended a special

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m rural areas which have been specially approved for

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He considered it equally reprehensible to ligate the adnexa

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The constipation which is produced by the last two remedies must

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Medical OlHcers at tbe Dudlej Road Infirmari salary 210 ITO

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tion of marriage and examination of all candidates as to physio

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eyeball. The movement by which it is opened and closed is simple

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of it is concerned with laboratory technique and the

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probable affinities of the phylum as judged from the evidence of embryology.

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Mortal man will be less mortal when he learns that lungs never

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the 525 applicants who reported for the examination 69 qualified for

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four days whiskey 30 cc. was given with the thymol as

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to have died as the result of the injection of con

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cord around this a weight of four to eight pounds is hung

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As to the danger from the treatment it may be said that the

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convert some very puzzling cases into very simple ones.

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One of these men offered me his flask which I courtc

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pelvic floor so that the fingers emerged beneath the ascending

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degree be granted by the university to foreign medical

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dred ana sixty grains of bicarbonate of potash in eight ounces of

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West which live almost entirely in the open air are wath rare

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the shock of the perfonition a full hypodermic injection of morphine

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the temperature is below 100 F. it may be combined with quinine

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and the like the phonisrns or voices are often whispered words more rarely

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head to foot. Others cover the bowl of the pipe with

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ting the uterus and by various cutting operations about the cervix with

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disease. Loss ot the cud or rumination accompanies almost every

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laughter and love from the belly Jovan 31 21 forever we

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area is through the narrow olfactory sulcus so that the application of localized

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cardial exudation may cause weakening or suppression of the vocal

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dose is required to produce the same result as the brain is

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lemonade may be given. A cream of celery or similar soup may

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