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served for a period as surgeon to a hospital at Dunkirk.

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in the other these two things being especially favourable to the

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of treatment besides showing the beneficial effect of

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Association is practically the factory and workroom of the

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nervous system and when there is great stupor. The effect is to

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manently cured and I believe him. I pray that you will permit

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fulfilled. The patient was a soldier aged 24 who received a penetrating

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ough courses in physics chemistry mineralogy and geology

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increase in the glial cells and wasting and chroma

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It shou d be of interest to the surgical specialist and

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bronchus. His sputum is negative for tubercle bacilli and his daily

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pyocyaneus were not pursued further. The former was never

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twenty four hours the second one should be followed by a

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A patient who had contracted paratyphoid in the Eastern Mediterranean

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lor such an instrument less imperative. The danger of

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duty in May 1868. Patzki mentioned a private in the Sixth Cavalry aged

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With the addition of autopsies and the comparision of

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so authoritative a source and to know that the results are

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have been demonstrated as especially valuable in neu

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sue surrounding it was literally filled with a network of

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On page 1 042 there is a faulty diagram of the intercolurnnar fibres.

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to touch the groin or the axilla and defending his belly from

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secretion of the thyroid. On the other hand the studies

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ipecial eases of chrome or so called incurable diseases. These medicines

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of the South Sewanee Tennessee from which he was graduated

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to use the water from the cooler springs at first and

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advanced that operation was not practicable. He considers the

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able soil exists nay has possibly been as carefully prepared by years of

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son says that neither foot and mouth disease surra nor rinderpest

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the week under notice. In London the death rate was also equal to

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recede nor shrink. In short our case is no case of smallpox

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Overcrowding and mal position are the chief causes of retarded

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Taschman Max Advanced pulmonary tuberculosis treated by artificial

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ized swelling on the right side of tlie hard palate together with

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could easily collect statistics and collate the facts incidental

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brown colour. Capitules very compact each formed by an expanded

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crimination in such cases by using the very high powders of the

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was submitted to iridectomy and the continued use of a myotic was

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a debated question and naturally one of the arguments advanced in its

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Has had a rash after eating shell fish. No other skin diseases.

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study and as an exercise unto my self rather than exercita



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