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Budge and Waller subsecpiently showed that the nervous filaments which

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Standard in May 1920 in a condition similar to that in which

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ness accompanied with pulling or drawing on the heart in

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Positive advance toward the production of immunity against

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Now since the heart attracts by this orifice of the vena chilis

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dulness does not extend to the back are presumptive signs of pericar

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is also used for tying off pedicles where great strength is

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eliminated in the urine and feces was 51.51 grams and 0.25 gram

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culty. When he attempted to speak his mouth jaw and tongue remained

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Since this sound is present in only a small proportion of

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been remotely derived from small pox pustule and whether he did not

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of authors who have written on the subject Dr. Gaillard arrives at

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The author concludes that although antifebrin cannot fill the place occu

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natives of Africa is clearly owing to the excessive

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tions which diminish the solvent power than to in the uantity.

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radiations from the lateral geniculate body and after a time to marked

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No benefit to vision having resulted from the operation he

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sense of taste which is lost for such substances as sugar

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The relative number from different foreign countries was about as

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be some considerable time before the general practitioner

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The causes of the disease are no less compounded thaa

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Peractoque cursu ad Angliam redi artis tuai plenus

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during the eighteen months I have been stationed here. The one case

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by a specific bacillus which has been isolated from a number

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cowsheds. It attaches itself by preference to the legs of Horses which

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though well localized was not adherent to the anterior

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cess of germination the rupture of the starch globules and the separa

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will be discussed further when we consider traumatic myo

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There are no notable differences in this Pnf in fi

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without li.stinctive clinical si rns. 1 he constant presence of influenza amongst

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sex age and residence of the child reported on and the occupation

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pletely obstructed within a vessel by the application of

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upon the identical serum this comparison showing a deli

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Art versus Nature in Disease a refutation of Naturalism.

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as explosive as gun cotton entirely odorless an en

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irritation of the chorda tympani caused by the displaced cartilage.

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by an incision through the abdominal wall in this region. In

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Natives may show some of these symptoms but in my cases over

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sleeplessness caused partly perhaps by the loudness of the

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dition that of the whole system just as a thermometer

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phrases. We are now able to analyze quantitatively such functions

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ftnd likewise act the part of a prompter to the doctor s

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