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though the other diflQculties the obsTetr.Thl t lt OMni

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the sudden inspiration taken in order to fix the thorax preparatory to

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The lenses which correct our imaginary Hypermetrope are let us

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attention to the possibility of the transmission of the tubercular virus

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ing was demanded. The second case was somewhat more interesting. A col

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Killian states that the frontal sinus may develop in the following

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either to the presence in the family of internal factors tending to

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ability. Moreover that the ordeal of passing the portal may be con

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was rather white and coated and the bowels had been consti

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and jejunum a singular ferment called by them entero

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two occasions the first while the subject was eating his first meal

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not incorrect reports of medical testimony in the daily newspapers as well

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The accidental presence in Buenos Aires of certain Camel Tiokei

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of this UniversitN. Before speaking of its practical appli

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in different parts of the body in the subcutaneous tissue and without

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until inflammation subsided and he was 1 strong advocate for an early

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myself and the late able ophthalmic surgeon Mr. Hewson with bleeding

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to the Streptococcus hemolyticus in measles were 97 14.8 per cent.

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now found it almost impossible to speak in his old voice. This brings

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unconsciously. I do so more frequently while riding on a street car than

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any of my colleagues mention the K currence of such an

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pended a.sum of ajiproximately 253 and is raising this money

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Mr. Stevens. He pricked it with a needle and it discharged

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two of the child s illness but as I had watched the

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kidney infection. Cystoscopy and pyelography are vahuible aids

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Erb from his researches in one thousand eases believes that

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digestible than by rubbing the butter into the flour which has heretofore been

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The theory of its mode of action is based upon the hypothesis

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plates upon which may be found more or less numerous colonies

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controlled by means of a lever and handle within reach of the bather.

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change in the nerve cells to represent every experience

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brought out. The important steps of the operation are

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Turn on light in cage suddenly. Bird begins walking around. Turn

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All explored. In non fatal case a band of doubtful origin com

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sion followed by decided reaction with a full but not too rapid pulse.

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the initiated could enter these holy shrines and the

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and one grain of iron but which when analysed was found to contain

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within their substance in a manner which shoAvs that nature has bestowed a

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The Scale is constructed of metal throughout with a

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searched for worms. A total of 719 hookworms necators

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risms or arterio venous aneurisms of which I have already oper

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relieve simple mechanical impediments to the circulation they would be dan

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ily physician in helping him toward a right conclu

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iU uil about half past three o clock on Saturday moriung hafing only

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gonorrhoea he gives regularly 5 gr. doses of iodide

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subject. Why should the ecologist by his own confession and pre

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ease it is a crime. It gives us great pleasure to recommend this

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the spraying of cocaine is not sufficient Masterman

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total number in the district drained was 300 000 and

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for the parts deriving their blood from one common artery to display

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remembered had been previously thoroughly explored no

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became faint the pulse was weak and there was distinct cardiac

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Babies differ to an extraordinary degree in their food requirements



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