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often followed by abscess. The prevailing tendency of modem pathology
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suppose that syphilis here as elsewhere exhibits its
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exactly the same length size and branching formation down to the
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patient continuously recumbent on such a frame not permitting
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By cupping an actual extravasation of blood beneath the skin takes
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human origin under the microscope. This really touches most debatable
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Clinical Considerations. There is a large group of cases
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small as is probably also the case with hydrophobia smali
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serves as an excellent guide to the position of the joint while
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stitched with catgut powdered iodoform being after
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pathological detritus and made the conditions more favorable for
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of the rhachis bearing two sessile and one pedicellate spikelets. Flower
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tion inflammation and sloughing into the thoracic abdom
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eye. The eye is an organized effect the lymphatics the cause
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this point take the diagram just given place a number of pencil
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i was very restless and short of breath and sighed fretjuently
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attack the face trunk hands or extremities. The graver
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At all of our larger posts and especially at Kort Leavenworth
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enabled to thus early lay before our readers. He takes a broad
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in cases of endocarditis for silver has been recommended as
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above an impervious layer finds its way into shallow springs streams
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such a drug as this three times a day. Neither should
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The several Schools recognized by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.
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and the orifices of Bartholin s ducts should be thoroughly
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e.xtinguisher leaving the baby naked from the ankles
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Avhich had induced pulmonary incompetence with thickening of the
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ever ilie distension tlie g. il 1 bladder with pain and
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hysterica and neurasthenic trauma but also even in ordinary
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aphonia dysphagia difTcrencc in pupil dilatation of surface veins or ccdcma
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In two remaining cases there was ulcerative endocarditis of the cusps.
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M. D. are appointed to assistantships in the department of
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every second day then twice a week and gradually to every fifteen days
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piles radical cure of hernia to ascertain before the
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In a room from the heat standpoint you have the floors ceilings and
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Observations such as those here reported raise the complex
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Wadsley near Sheffield. South Yorkshire Lunatic Asylum.
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previously vomiting and severe pain for a few hours. Five days
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typhoid have occurred within a few days of each other on in
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tant factors in cansing rheumatism gont and other diseases caused V gt y
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to the underlying mucosa and when removed it leaves behind
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trotted at Belmont Park Philadelphia June 23 in 2 m. 14 s. In
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a qufirter liter of whiskey. This was shortly followed
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there were 5726 recoveries 86.5 per cent. 80 per cent
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Iodine liniment. Diluted red iodide of mercury ointment. Iodide of
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marked varicosity of the veins in the hypogastrium. This
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a day with the folution of a triple ftrength was rtry
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tumours about external ear. Articulation and gait often imperfect.
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the X ray shows its greatest value in surgical cases
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when physicians cease to draw any distinction between
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selected cases it is believed that a permanent cure may
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three cases of transitory aphasia without hemiplegia
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ally separates and leaves an exposed surface which speedily in
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which may accompany it. Dover s Powder is an excellent
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of the chest and the neck. There was expansile pulsation over
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ished by being bound to certain conditions and subjected to certain
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same symptoms. I have not consulted a physician as it seemed more
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debility mental weakness and extreme emaciation caused by
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blood cells were 850 000 hemoglobin 30 per cent. Twenty four



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