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The former is nothing but the sensory picture the photograph

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cussion not receiving a copy and I hereby tender them an apology

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instances disinfecting agents which cannot reach or destroy the carrier and

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The young just hatched are put into a pond or ponds by themselves

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You recently saw in the external clinique a patient with a tumour

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human sribjcct after the injfestion of 22 grs. of the alkaloid.

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standing cases such as occur from chronic malaria or lead poisoning

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in the other these two things being especially favourable to the

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a possible but not a marked symptom. The mechanism is identical with

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veloped and intermittent and extend over a number of years 3 those m

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important function. Independent of the secreting elements

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tient s own decision and I do not find that persons

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in rondilions in which delay is dangerous and skilled counsel

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similar effect injection of the arteries of the brain

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whether a given preparation does or does not possess the

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bitumen and asphalt the seam is then made perfect extern

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b jfore attempting to meet the emergency by the distribu

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there is impaction of the calculus. This state of things

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tiple inoculations through S ratching but mostly to iuflueuce

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fat. And this is what he found. Very lean dogs poisoned

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in cases where there is a tendency to dropsy or hemorrhage. Pulmonary

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The following statistics from otir laboratory may prove

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The magnet is so placed that its interpolar lines of

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this way and states that they were able to go about

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diet was considerably restricted but some carbohydrate was allowed and

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the production under appropriate stimulation of tumors of the

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tests for isolating bile acids and proving their presence are so compli

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goitre IS most common. A thyroid which was palpable

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with fixation of the eyeball distortion of the face and turning

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years in the Urungwe sub district odd specimens were encountered

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by turning a screw at the distal end of the staff and

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from our knowledge of the physiological action of the drug.

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is hidden save the field of operation as viewed through the

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affinity consists in the fact that the liver cells absorb into their

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Properties and Uses. Privet leaves are astringent a decoction of

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lateral and ventromedian oculomotor cell group may be dis

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very large percentage of people a constant source of in

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eliminated. Subcutaneous and intraperitoneal injections stain only the fat

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much as 70 of the acetone which is excreted in pathological

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very large percentage of people a constant source of in

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endeavor to acquire unusual skill in some particular directions

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marasmus and wasting act similarly. Some acute dis

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severe attack in which the patient s life is threat

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seems to have confused gonorrhea with syphilis a confusion which

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sessingsimilarproperties. The coal tar series supplies

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cause of the difference of opinion is the varying significance of the terra

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degeneration of the cardiac muscles papillary and of the intima of

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Laennec and Louis or the practical sense of such cEnical workers

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of intestinal obstruction should be as conservative as pos

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and degrees of the same disease their symptoms may be discussed all

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those that require exijerienccd nursing will be promptly evacuated to base hospitals. It

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rapidly fatal result. Though tapping for relief and es

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rash of smallpox. Send for the doctor at once or go to

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postpone the operation until the bronchial mucous mem

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able diminntion in the nnmber of cases a reduction from about a fourth

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to prevent rupture in the pharynx and the occurrence of tuberculosis

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their cocoons and sometimes completely stop them. The

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in the first place have what doctors call a neurotic

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krebs. I have also had occasion to microscopically exam

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the undermined skin adhered to the parts below union being quite firm

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thick. Large or small areas of the visceral or parietal layers of the

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here a sketch of his career for the student of the future.



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