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Dr. De Vine said that the commissioner is a very busy man

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Remittance should be made by money order draft or rrr isterr r

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like time. These steps are repeated until the milk sugar

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tion and in cases where the lumen of an artery remains blocked

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Paraplegia following gonorrhoea and S2jphilis inflammation of the sub

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During a period of between five and seven months none has developed

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somewhat different course for the management of labor from

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mumps malarial fever bronchitis. Some time ago the child had a

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state it would have declared itself in the course of fourteen

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by swelling of eyelids and there was photophobia in tlm

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ing and general infection of the kidney will occur.

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iu this direction also in overloaded bowels iutligeation

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of the breast involving the chest wall. When no other technic

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solution of hydrochloric acid and Caud well mL the use of glycerin

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of cytoplasm is more stable or immune to noxious influences. It may well

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ner those of the cervix portio vaginalis vagina and

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Anophelines so as to suggest definite and practical measures for their

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cases its action as a hypnotic was pronounced. David I. Stew

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The animal had appeared unwell three days before and remained

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involuntarily hold his breath or to vomit. There is practically no

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his descriptions would fit very closely into the actual relations

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only possible in males. Inspection will reveal at once the existence of

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then tearmed Oxifaccarum it is very conuenienc to a

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It was found however that this degree of heat was harmful to

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an infected place and until such order has been superseded by another

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exhaustive and unbiased observation that is possible. One of the

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distribution with constant current constant potential and alternating systems study of

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Office and one to two veterinarians at the Remount Depots are

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as a perfect medium for drainage. Never introduce a

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gives rise to soluble products easily eliminated and

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abruptly has distinct periodicity and terminates promptly if appro

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vaso dilators such as nitrite of amyl nitro glycerine and the like have

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room if possible. of the best known psychiatrists in the

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Childhood turned to him with a smile that conquered the marks

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extends not only to the material the utensils and the

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schools in turn would give the profession educated medi

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and uncertainties still exist as regards iudicatious for

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ing over a period of nearly twenty four years of some ten

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a source of frequent errors in diagnosis. Of one hundred per

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permit some historical facts which are not matters of

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cultural del pleom6rfico y cido resistente facultativo Bacillus

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delicate detection of protein digestive products. Controls were made of the

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And finally let me emphasize that if you are to exer

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ducted at the invitation of the Rockefeller Foundation.

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On general principles no operation should be performed on the

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dermics of whisky and external heat. I decided to defer the sec

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illegitimate child and her family history was not obtainable.

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Wherever the vessels are occluded there is apt to be an agglutina



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