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ing remedies of every kind. We order food and then we

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not to be performed but by a physician anybody else in Germany

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insanit. According to the present state of medical knowl

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The eye is protected from expectorations by a glass diaphragm and

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legs below the knees. Excito motor action well marked in left leg much

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Class 3. Depressing the inferior comua Physostigma Oelsemium.

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of calcification of the pancreas or post traumatic diabetes. So

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white lines upon their surface disappear and they assume a uniformly red

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the critical analysis made of the alkaline bromides

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cavity and when the parts are insensitive an attempt should be made to

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and good housing obviates the weakening effects of hard labor.

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the Public Health Tuberculosis Regulations 1908 which

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effects of intemperance James M. Ray on the expense of the manu

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cylindrical flexible wrinkled longitudinally with more or less root

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PLEURISY From n ifvpa the side the pleurae being the serous mem

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genus stegomyia is the sole means of the transmission of yellow

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derful that it should be frequently resorted to so frequently

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due to the presence of the splenic tumor. A leukemic peritonitis also may

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against placental hemorrhage and when the child has

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proach to managing the isotope program and you say that the way

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that of artificially fed children. The capacity of a healthy stomach is

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in their midst of that primitive method of the treatment

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stem of the clay is hot and in certain people leads to

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by pushing the tip of the tongue forward between the teeth

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Bbesciani de Borsa Giuseppe. Saggi di Chirurgia teorico

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anticijiation of the paroxysm in intermittent fever from 3 to 5 grains

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The solid mass of the medical profession must unite as one without

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exertion or if after their return individuals presume too

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Prof. Osier 24 considers that some cases of chyliform ascites may

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be either retained or ectopic if retained it is arrested at

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of Arteries Urinary Analysis Table of Eruptive Fevers Motor Points for

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of their efforts and although possibly in some instances the in

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cardio hepatic angle. This sign is all the more valu

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missing fortune as the case may be and was able to view their

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kidneys especially is looked to and the often fatal

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are not marked as successful there will probably be scores that time will

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soon as the pain subsided which was in a minute or two she

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flagella were observed. Of the above bacilli it is possible that

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the great theatre beares but a very inconsiderable share in

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posed of representatives of every large hospital in

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in a position of retraction during the entire injection. Immediate cranial eviscer

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scribed in a recent publication some of the characteristics of the

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One hundred and third Anniversary held at Concord June 18

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International Medical Congress of 1SS1 and will be open from July

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Physical Signs. Diffused impulse weak muffled sounds. DiUit atioQ

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been stated that the lambs practise this habit because of the laxative

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tomy of the external rectus to 5 5 and the remaining diplopia

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One onnce of this new Remedy is for its Bactericide

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owing to transient stimulation of the respiratory centres and

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contained a thick clot moulded on the heart. Over the origin of the

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ta true hematogenous icterus. The perspiration now stains the linen

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remembered that the tentorium rests upon the cerebel

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experiments Sheep have taken from two to ten centilitres of this fluid

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sensibility to pin prick on the left hand. There was no tendency to

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of necessity constructed of material the expense of gath

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This valuable little book deals with the cardiac arrhythmias

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corneal inflammations due to orbicular paralysis. The supercilise and the

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ing a certificate of successful vaccination within five years

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In the smaller animals some additional indications may be had



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