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revealed this couditiou on ordinary clinical examiuaticu.

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and at midnight of the fifteenth of May the experimenter mm

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Borenees of the throat. This soreness of the throat may have preceded the

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Scytbiae gentes erant inter quas fere omnes more receptum fuit ut

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In further exploring the cortex Dr. Kisien Russell found that on the

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showed that Type ill was the organism chiefly found in

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no more sense in repairing a cystocele and neglecting to furnish a

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prostitutes and where there is great disparity of age between the husband

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tines in the dog by Ilossbach p.9gave him results in some respects

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the radial curve by a little more than one fifth of a

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louder and the po ition of orthopncea must be preserved for even the

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eighty seven radiograms were taken during the year the majority

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parations of Zinc is the laminated or granulated metal.

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patient recovered and right lung cleared in four hours.

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rature at different times would seem to show that the temperature

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instances of syphilitic neurasthenia and hysteria signs

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sound of the heart was among the other physical signs noticed. Alter

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element in the following argument and deductions the

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and shiverings with intolcM able headache and even delirium preceded by

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for the specialist yet it seems as if any well equipped

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have a direct cause without the n6ed of invoking indi

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bed until the sixth day from the first attack. He must then

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the first alone was affected. From a study of these cases the

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though realizing the importance of preventing loss of

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fat. And this is what he found. Very lean dogs poisoned

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no consideration was given to the relative needs of city and

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dry and unsoiled by sweat discharges or urine. Look out

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same tremor and awkwardness are shown in the attempt to write. The paretic

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The gastro intestinal findings were found in a marked degree in

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placed on a water bath and the urine gradually evaporated down to

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ditional bacteriological and pathological studies are being made.

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function. We are so impressed by the results which

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absorption of fat in the food. In thus aiding digestion it

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and seemed to be in good condition. Nos. 23 and 24 were male

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If the rate of stimulation is pushed beyond this limit then the

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in time. Its wretched subjects would thus be restored to the kindly

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occupied in making a profit from the nations at war is engrossed

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drug which we believed stimulated this center. Enough atropin was

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of intense congestion in the acute snffocative catarrh of Laennec and

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by the union of all the seminiferous vessels folded

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therefore strengthening to the body. It is tonic and astrin

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the fluid in juestion may be of decided value. Very

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In the vast majority of cases recovery occurs but it is unfortunate that

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are aware of my not commiting many sins of that kind.

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Are you well I am so. How does Mrs. Cheselden Had it not

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uterus and they are about one sixteenth of an inch in diame

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liesilient interstitial uterine fibroid from a woman aged 30

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depend as heretofore on the Hygienic Department. He

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formed extending from one mamma to the other and also dissected the

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important red i igment of the blood. Many backboneless

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ilarming hemorrhage of the lungs prostrated him which was treated learnedly

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tions apparently destroy the sense of pain over this portion



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