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of Courland professor at Dorpat 1870 and Straasburg 1872

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The needle was oiled and again inserted and about 17 inches

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of Courland professor at Dorpat 1870 and Straasburg 1872

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gamation club with smoking and luncheon rooms on the

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ber the blood was so bad that he lost his memory and

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ticle in the Medical Record giving a notice of Ben

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practical therapeutics and hence cases which teach us

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ish fluid in that of the right cavity float numerous small floc

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efficient. Numerous shadows in the pulmogram can have only one inter

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created the urine reroained as before. The Liquor Ferri Persesquinit. with

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tion from Ihe double standpoint His book is surprisingly free

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face trunk extremities palms of the hands or genitals. It causes

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Dieu sail si ce n ont point ete des viandes bien succulentcs

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mained unconscious for a quarter of an hour. After recovering from the syncope

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tember 5 and ordered to continue on duty at the naval hospital. New

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where syphilis was present as a complication it might

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arterial inflow. This latter method is tlie one which has recently

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caecum. The sac itself was perfect the length of the bowel

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disappeared. A few days later Dr. van Praagh injected into my arm and

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energy in the form of either heat or motion is liberated. When

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haemoptysis has been described by some of the old classic writers and

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other words by letting out this clot one necessarily

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that we were not yet at peace. A good deal had also been

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elements was transferred by Hume to certain natural processes

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myself and the late able ophthalmic surgeon Mr. Hewson with bleeding

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murs were audible in the mitral and pulmonary areas.

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chronic renal disease is another and far more important one but there

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weeks all discomfort and sensitiveness of the skin had disap

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one individuals all of whom were cured and left the

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will no longer require the services of Dr. A. McCos

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Malaria infcted mosquitoes are not short lived. Rou

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most depending portion is the part most frequently in

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for a cure. With the majority of surgeons vaginal hysterectomy

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their investigations of the case they may meet by themselves to dis

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monite of soda NaOjSbOj the other the hypoaulphantimonite

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case presenting a small myelitic lesion. I have written on the board

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neglected Genius anticipated the discovery of the vital spirit of the

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To shave with razors used in shaving parties dying with the malignant

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chronic diffuse parenchymatous nephritis was allowed

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hard fibroid polypus projecting from the cervix which

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glands. The lymphoid elements may be chiefly involved without much

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the measure of one imperial pint with more orange flower water.

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the reauricular glands is quite often the result of

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virtually means that its contents have been found of

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and the next most frequent cause is intemperance or mad

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are said to have been attacked simultaneously must therefore in

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tion on June 13th in honour of Professor Blair Bell of

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Med. Assn. 1913 Ix 1950 A Further Note on Specific Hyperleukocystosis in

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which the injuries were received. He claimed that in

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credulity to believe that the attitude of the profes

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The stomach possesses a series of natural provisions for

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vomiting. The patient receives from three to five ounces of

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The policy of rehabilitation of the disabled should be the same

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hour. She was always worse in cold and damp weather.



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