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down the Bpine as not only generators but reflervoirB of power. A

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Sports adive far more wholefome than fedentary amufement5

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of appointments made outside the formal matching process. The number of

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treatment will henceforth be neee. ary and if the patient recover it

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In the present case though the diverticulum must have been

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The distribution of the Hospital Corps at the date of this report is

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go on well for some time then some indiscretion perhaps

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of Arteries Urinary Analysis Table of Eruptive Fevers Motor Points for

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The peculiar circumstance about the pathological anatomy

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the Southern AuxiHary in stamping out quackery and that the

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flooding proceeds the patient should be kept as cool as possible she

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ally observed in the vicinity of a setal follicle. The cells were

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trained the doctor fed them much sugar. Sometimes they ate

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of the food supply. Exhaustion of nutriment in the medium wouUI

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in the way with two classes of people those who are un

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case there would be little doubt as to the diagnosis. Speaking generally

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physician should watch the children in the families under his care

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that new bone has been formed that an old area of disease

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So war das medizinifd c Haus auf gefundem Bodcn aufgeviditet

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The unfavorable sym toms are very high fever early mental disturb

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life while in motion and death as the effect of motion ceasing.

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physical development or some perculiarity in it the

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from its present moderate dimensions up to a system of ophtoalmic pathology.

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touchy or more rarely leathery or brawny. The surface is usually smooth

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because dogs were supposed to be especially liable to sore throat Aapryl

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X 1.3 centimeters. On section the gland tissue is very succu

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Dogs that are out of health and which lack tone in general

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general contraction of the arterioles and that the relief

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support of this there is a certain amount of experimental evidence and in

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filum terminale nearly always lies on a level correspond

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ment of the small scale survey of the globe and permit of fresh

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ferior to those furnished by other agricultural oc

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tary subscriptions from year to year for their running ex

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facial nerves are directly acted on by the cold the

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pair the different functions of language i Totally

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as a whole but there is systohc retraction of the interspaces in the

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being sufficiently elastic to yield to the pressure without being much

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complicated late or neglected forms of gall bladder and bile duct

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Aphorisms of H. Boerhaave with the Commentaries of Van

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having seen stride of incipient cataract disappear from

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to weary days and disturbed nights break down the gen

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urday October 12th Dr. William H. Baker and Miss Sarah

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usual on account of the duration of the paralysis at the

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listerine and water. This she tolerated for a day or two

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recommended for Lambs and particularly when there have been abor

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cholera showed itself in the neighbourhood of Laodicea and Antioch

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hygiene. The basic principle underlying the enfoi cement

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however of foUowiug the curve of normal variation which

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will be made on the afternoon of Saturday September 22

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readily soluble in pure alcohol forming a permanent solution at ordinary

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ing in the Mare and Cow the animals which most frequently receive

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two aspects of every idea which have no significance apart from one another.



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