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fullest discussion was invited and suggestions and recommendations sought
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was due to infection by catgut. He commended mechanical
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firmly consolidated. This condition passed off but was succeeded
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pleural cavity. Furthermore it was by the introduction of the needle in
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appeared and gives no trouble and the patient has gained
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tains few or no red rays and is extremely rich in blue
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geons. The highest mark received by successful candidates
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ticable for the routine work of the practitioner. If the quantity of
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Treatment The hieniorrhage which is a vicarious menstruation
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doubt. It has long been a matter of serious inconvenience and annoy
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FiGUKi 4. Lead casts of a small sinus and representing an
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skin inoculated with vaccine virus. Belin claims that reproduction of the or
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htened mother brings the child to tbo doctor saying it has tbe
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ville had carelessly permitted the virus whicli he and Pearson
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Institute for Experimental Therapy at Frankfort on Main.
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sponded to the test very slowly. The rectal sensibility
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includes the transient glycosuria of stout persons 2 neurotic due to in
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stem branching at the top and many long leaves spread upon
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instrument is passed into the left orbit the thumb of the
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In certain cases of chronic constipation the subject complains of pains
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may be convulsions or the stomach is upset and the bowels are
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are regularly issuing frdm the printing presses in all
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these nuclear interstitial growths increase and extend into each other the
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exactly the shape of that published by this gentleman last
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manifested by restlessness and physical excitement. Dr. Beard
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Filtered Water for the Soldiers. In an endeavor to supply the
SYMPTOMS. An abstract of the local nidus of infection and marked
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Kronecker he devoted his attention to researches on the circulatory
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the surrounding country. This hill is an outpost of a greater mass
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with absolute certainty by destroying the mosquito or preventing
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drainage is but the artificial amplification of this nat
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be briefly noticed i. That tetany is frequently associated with some
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tion of the proper selection for mechanical treatment
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ing cases in which there was first polyuria and then
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the upper ureteral segment. The rounded head of the guide is
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Moulton reports an insane patient who scratched through his
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With a hand to hand and heart to heart good bye the
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in a dark place bathing the eye with warm camomile tea and boric
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the unknown conditions if there be any we should ex
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there was a syphilis of the lung also. In the right
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mortality is high and those where the infant mortality is low. Without
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out the importance of securing the enactment of laws
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New York City met on April 15th and apportioned about
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The following works have been republished wholly or in part
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for nearly thirty hours. On the second occasion five hours were occupied
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physician or surgeon. To remedy this condition of affairs and not to
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similar to those described but cannot clearly admit that there
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FBAMK BOWABD PATNB MJ. ProfcMor of Hyvlcne and Bletctlcs.
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question on the muscular wall of the stomach of the Triton tfeniatus and
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whose effects had not l gt eei recognized is removed. The
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of positive findings was to be expected which for the purpose of
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of 122 F. Thus for general cleaning it would appear that soda
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If sweetening is required dissolve a saccharin tablet in a little water and
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number treated 991 were medical cases and 66 were surgical. The
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anything calculated to disturb him during one of his lectures.
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recommends treatment by sulphate of soda in the water.
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ing sickness rages in certain places and at certain times
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the appendix as having had her under observation ever since the opera
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Jules Cesar cut perdu la bataille cle Pharsale Pom pee en eut
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petrous portion of the temporal bone and surrounded by bony walls with
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ing relinquished the unexpired portion of furlough will be sent to
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American medical education by his trip to Oerman seats of
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constant presence of the parasite in the lesions of syph
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Fire box and grate. This Bureau has what is ordinarily considered to
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elsewhere than at the Hall and a breach of these rules got
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the investigation as time and material become available. Some
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the other antigen was removed. The technic of the experiment is
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Mbmorial Professorship to Dr. Jamf.8 Jackson Putnam
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It was not like the scheme for industrial contributions
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The remainder of the 33 calves are still alive August 10 1904
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and practitioners of France and foreign countries. All
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tion excitement paralysis prostration convulsions and gasping. Animals
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phus fays that cuckoos rarely build for themfelves moft frequently



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