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touched on before m this paper all rthnorinal.and de

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There are few things that conduce so much to health

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the sick to the healthy becomes infectious when brought in contact with

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tuated second pulmonic sound and at the aortic area a very loud

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types i The agglutination of the fundus of Douglas s pouch

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Conclusions may now be drawn from the statistics concern

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IMr. Russell Coombe moved to instruct the Council to

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are ultimately taken into the stomach and in one year they have become

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breathing recommenced aud on the patient s coughing a large

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from the usual plan of treatment. Pyeemia is a frequent result of gunshot

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promoting the welfare of the people. The University

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mass of the flesh are so deprived of their due share of spirits

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waiting period. In certain favorable cases the teeth being preserved this immobili

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a few drops of iced beef tea were swallowed. He succeeded by dint

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tonsils associated with a reddening and enlargement of the papillae of

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Sealing with crime would aim at its prevention and not

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schools our friend John Smith would not have had need to

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large and it was felt to be necessary that its numerical

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rough and brown pulse 80 hard and thrilling urine muddy and sleep

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tiple progressive serositis. This patient gave a marked reac

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the daughter of Dr. Lancelot Browne and received his first

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their respective places and it is encouraging to state that at the appointed

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that the pit organs in Squalus are innervated by fibers of notice

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Etiology. V Q causes may be either primnri or scrnudarij. Among

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three months after the inundation of the Rhone on a farm near

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their distinguishing characteristics the yet more difficult task

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regarded camp fever as a disease distinct from typhoid.

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especially of its relation to pneumococcus immunity.

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sanitary conditions effected through the advice and assistance of visiting nurses

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and iu uervous palpiLitiou of the heart and chorea tnono

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of the bride s fortune as a common conjugal fund the manage

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Weston. Sherman Wood and Franklin Street Wilkinsburg Pa. Mail returned

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sensory process whose cause is at the moment operative it is more

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and I agree that all is Mind. Then consistently with this premise the

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one of the most important protective devices is that which insulates the

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all that is further required including the introduction of

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seen but were not so numerous the small mononuclear

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in the secondary stipendiary class five persons were selected from

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tractions of the powerful muscular layer of the organ should overcome

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anatomy and physiology. Human pathology is as much natural

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deceased in the course of his employment at the Aircraft

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membrane. This membrane was formed by a secondary exudation of more

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Sanatorium this work being carried on through the divi

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latter form more rapid in the lymphocytes. In the longer fasts this

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To test the vital capacity the patient loosens his vest stands perfectly

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The Value of High Temperature for Controlling Bed Bugs in Canada

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cases and Dr. Oldham complimented the organizers on a

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sinus wall against the optic nerve would account for the optic

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journals and which were probably nothing more than aggravated attacks of

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favored by the observation which has been made of shaft horses

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is the result of the chronic alcoholic poisoning of the

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ture there exists at one or more points in the pen

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In view of these data we believe we are justified in

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no evidence of any paresis of ocular muscles. His face and his

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With regard to some of them it appears to day simply incon

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heavy feed are left in the stable for days together.

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remember seeing an exactly parallel example in Vienna in Hebra s

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loud voice that he would judge for himself the propriety of their

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in circumference and had two curvatures convex. There was con

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region somewhat posterior to the clitellum. Very satisfactory

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at the disposal of the author the notes and references

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teen to twenty years of age die as fast as old people from

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fore the Medical Society of Pennsylvania by T.all. Inats espe

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greatly diminished. The degree of this oligocythaemia depends upon the

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cause restlessness and night terrors interfere with

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and the patient fully informed regarding general hygiene the

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Descriptive and Illustrated Catalogue of the Histological Series. By Professor

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trum as the molecular weights of the compound increase. So

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With our own antigen the complement fixation in tuberculosis shows a re

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inflammation. Rectal examination will show whether the coccyx

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powdered marshmallow should be the only excipients used in

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was psssed referring the subject to the committee on legislation

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the hole with your finger then draw one of the horns well up

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Fig. I shows the pulmonary circuit from its anterior aspect with

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patient urinated six times daily and four times during

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those which have walls to those which are mere blood

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illustrations are excellent for the purpose intended and the book

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we may well suppose that damage inflicted upon leucocytes and red

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arm and leg especially in the extensor muscles. The tendon and

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vidual applicant can hardly be expected at present but

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everything she was always there for me to lean on. Her

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anthers lanceolate twisted about 10 mm long sparingly pubescent.

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of magnesia is added to the filtrate a dense precipitate will form which

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u V called in to see the patient and advised widening



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