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a chronic constipation. A series of roentgen ray plates however

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tlie poison which produced influenza acted on the nervous system in general

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stomach was considered inoperable the patient was placed on

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efforts on the part of the Health Department to restrain fly

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the mother should scrutinize carefully her own condition should see

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vere pain and tenderness very apathetic complained con

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spite of errors work on modern lines has shown a steady

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common men. Moreover under the present arrangements

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the circulation and compensatory proliferation of the subendothelial

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the bed. His eye rapidly glances about the apartment and has a

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names. Both of these theories were of practical benefit

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evening of November 8th. Seventy five officers were pres

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disease might be rlieumatism or gout but without any good effect.

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etc. in the Long Island College Hospital Brooklyn author of a Trea

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it should however find a wider field of usefulness.

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treatment and would congratulate the author of the report on his

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so that as a general rule a considerable change in the

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increased irritation of the nerve trunk. They do not interfere with

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on the reports of thirty cases that meet the following conditions

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fragment as being the more movable is the one displaced.

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obtained from cases of Addison s disease has lost its tonic influence

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a number of joints six ten even twelve may he inflamed. The

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L. Crawford states The examination of a number of the larynges re

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of plaster bandages have been applied the outside may be strength

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coagulability of the aqueous humor in glaucoma also

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Reserve should be exercised in basing conclusions regarding

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the home of man is a primitive elementary definition of geography

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watery particles from the hair and to remove any scurf and other

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but the cancer hospital should contribute an impor

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that death was threatened unless an operation was per

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New York City met on April 15th and apportioned about

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J. The following reports were studied. Stmreyt of the Metro

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of negativity in any region with mechanical systole of the right auricle. The

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retained by the filtering action of the tissues. 4. Infec

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Tobacco users are usually spitters and thus indirectly harm is done.

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celled two valved many seeded with four parietal parallel placentae.

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to describe what catarrh is. You gentlemen may be surprised to know

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supplied by the cranial motor nerves are implicated the muscles

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searched for worms. A total of 719 hookworms necators

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minor modifications identical with that originated

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enlarged but otherwise nothing abnormal was apparent. Sub

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practically solid mass though without distinct flock

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On full recovery the patient was able to carry out his

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less liable to be affected by them. How are they to be

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and the pad of cotton pushed into the wound and held there by

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Fellow of the British Gynecological Society Member of Societe

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I Dr. MacCauley Dr. Hamilton showed a case of Multiple

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cavities provided with canaliculi and offering the appearance of osteo

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in Scotland which was never abundant being soon ex

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commonly employed. Several illuminating reviews of the

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the viscera get impeded. If there be difficulty in taking full inspirations

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ure even though made especially necessary by an economic emergency.

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observations agree with a solitary case in the literature published by

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Association. He especially makes a speech every chance

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ram Oil of Pimento from Pimento Oil of Rosemary from Rosemary

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manner and conduct and with the title. He who has been

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broad thick much larger and thicker than F. hepatica

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in the chemical and partly in the histological laboratory.

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scabbard kill the child yet spare the mother dry up the

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sociative laws of addition for instance but provided the definition

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Seal directed to your Chancellor of England to cause him

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Fig. 1 a. Section of lung and pleural surface showing large spaces on

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cipient or early.old age from the fact that I am sure that real

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caecum. The sac itself was perfect the length of the bowel

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non granular cell with basophil protoplasm closely similar in appear

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organization in certain factory types Lieut. Henri de

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ny other hard bones burned into white powder are very

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twelfth and 20 984 for the eleventh. Thus while our

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In another place considerable space is devoted to the surgical

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is the question which is for the moment occupying the scholars with

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no less by its acute malignant course than by its peculiar ana

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