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of Representatives of the Branches concerned to carry
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sixty four cases of recovery from meningitis. There
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tum ventriculorum they extend almost without exception into the right
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it was founded had ceased and is not quite extinct at the
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In the mean time a part of the idiosome often contain
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guarantee and I fully believe that its use is attended with a
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given and brought on severe uterine contraction which
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sibility about forty eight hours after childbirth and dropped
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day snlphite of soda oxidate of cerium and hydrocyanic mat
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greenish yellow powder of a cellular texture it consists of 2 per
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about a condition in which no extra protein can be supplied to
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and general supervision are discussed by Drs. H. C
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nosis chronic valvular disease mitral insufficiency mitral stenosis aortic insuf
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Croker and Quay throned and lording it as statesmen. In
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of the effects is sometimes interesting startling awful as
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The wax to be removed by thoroughly syringing with warm water or
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that of cows showing advanced tuberculosis but with
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The specimen described by G. D. Swaine pfb weighed at birtli 14
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and destruction of the contiguous lung tissue. The contents are usually
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external hemorrhages it is usually applied in the form of ointment and
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as in Witzel s operation and the tube is pushed into the
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to nearly normal 3 diminution in intensity of headache 4 no
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pleural cavity Ibrougb an opening in the pulmonaiy 8ur aec or ihnc
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even larger doses is extremely evanescent. No. 3 has so pro
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his duty is to transmit it to the registrar..This has been
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tensely red and congested either all over or in innumerable patches. They are
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to coincident lung disease. Berdach is inclined to think
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Contribution a I histoire de I Endocardite Scarlatineuse.
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must be thoroughly cleaned. Use scalding water freely. Carbon sulphid
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pendicular inflammation must be careful in weighing
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oped or whether it was typhoid fever with early implication of the lungs.
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strikes me as rather of the nature of gangrene and as arising from
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kinds and description ordure both human and animal is allowed to
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Removal through the natural passages may be justifi
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narrative literature but also what is less artistically composed and
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Freud was led to the conclusion that the child is polymorph
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the fluid he makes plate cultivations with known quantities of the fluid
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five minutes after the cessation of respiration. Dur
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unobstructed sinus he concluded therefore that extension
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sionally admonished about those very things themselves which render him anxious
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sultants do not order unless in very exceptional cases
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of the series was a typical more densely stained area made out
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of blood causes immediate and severe extradural hemorrhage
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bistoury I cut down on it. Pushing the catheter through this
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few minutes to half an hour must have a mechanical explanation
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Cork. Queen s College with North and South Infirmaries.
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It is supposed that some parasites degenerate neither segmenting
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produce. She is therefore faced with serious difficulties
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in the great majority of cases results in satisfactory union with
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ttions for varicocele that I have been able to trace in Louisville there
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edly the tonic efifect of the arsenic is primarily re
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Pathological examination of the retina shows an increase of the connective
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becomes peevish irritable thin and weak. Great care must be
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gradually went to his accustomed diet. On the twenty first day
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nosis of the nares and the dorsum of the nose was con
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health has always been good excepting occasional attacks of dyspepsia and
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the animals sicken and occasionally die. Prompt recovery
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Mr. Edwards also kindly wrote me in regard to the matter
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thought might be well exemplified by a visit to Xeuber s
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After many attempts to use forceps of other shapes
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means of disci iminatiug the two classes and to restrict the
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cavity the greater curvature is rounded out the lesser
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April to November. Stages will take them to Central
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moderate intraperitoneal dose of adrenalin say cc. in
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think be employed as a routine measure in cases of pneumonia. AMien
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had been seen during that time it might have been thought
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their pockets and provide the money for the only intelligent
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The following abstraot made by the Journal of Oyneoologif
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was the interest in the phenomena of nature in the phenomena
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To prevent the danger of the perforator passing too deeply slipping from the
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citis. Following upon the conditions described under c and d necrosis
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Sachs Georgi was positive in 30 and negative in 72.
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blood a ferment that has a destructive action on the pro
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was strengthened and some bony outgrowth chiselled oft
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spoon as an instrument in stomach anaylsis has been
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rounded base somewhat acute 6 to 7 mm long. Stamens carpels and
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Keith e. iamiued and classified 114 specimens and discussed
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there are no abnormal physical signs except towards the end of life
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contracted slate pointing to hiemorrljaRe in the enyelopes
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Accuracy Dependability and PromptnesM are Our Chief Aims



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