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The plaintiff and the defendant were the owners respecti ely

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each of which was complicated by cardiac hypertrophy and dilatation fifty

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hospital trains can bo run directly into the hospital

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Guests entertained on either the An gt erican or European Plan.

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spinal cord and its coverings do not nearly fill the

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employed. In some cases two of those round bullets have been found connected

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ness. Give the diagnostic symptoms and the treatment

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was turned almost on her face to allow the blood to run

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were throwing those wild all nighters. Thanks a lot. But really

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An analysis showed that the stuff contained a few simple drugs none

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Yesuyius to be inhaled for various affections. Hippocrates de

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lymph tissue and spleen. The causes are not understood.

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the will but belongs to the class known as involuntary muscles.

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gard es comme propres aux personnts d un Age avanc4 dont elle

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Medical Officer for the Workhouse of the Reading Union.

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into the mediastinal tissues and was covered with a glistening

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had early found himself thrown upon his own resources and

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ways at once. These conditions however belong more properly to adoles

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deaths against 519 being the highest number registered in the fourth

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breathing and rales. March 27 much tenacious sputum. General rales harsh breathing

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ipra eondyloid condyloid or T t raetures of the lower extremity of the

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If tenderness of the mastoid process persists for a

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was wasted very anaemic the pulse rate 120. The stomach was thickened

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and involve anv tissue of the human bodv. The most common site

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with a concentrated solution of carbolic acid which destroys germs

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sarily follow. It may well be as some critics have suggested that the

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It is this difference between the impregnated and unimpregnated

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plenty of bedding. Let him lie down rise and tumble about

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nervous matter upon which the antitoxin can have no neutraliz

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jamais employe ui prononce t mi ncc nunn gt n ullius ipse

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interesting feature of this relative insensibility of the vagina

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Fox married at seventy seA en years had four children one born

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members of such societies outside the civilised world these

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The mucous membrane of the mouth may also be invaded. The lesions

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sides and is well known as a garden plant flowering from

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the main artery and veins extending from the inferior third of

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through a layer of gauze is of service in these cases.

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and our services as physicians are only secured in view of remov

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tril is to be looked for with some anxiety. I have known some

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The prevalence of a widespread mild epidemic fever during

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with the results of the cleft palate operations accordiug to

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following notes at the times specified at the bedside and

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leading. Of the two however the differential count probably

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the imagination is at its highest tension from fear of

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the past year this pavLicular by law had been a boue of

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Podophyllum Peltatum is a powerful cholagogue and altera

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nephritis or nephritis post scarlatinosa. This is the

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majority of the articles deal with surgical practice oc


tion of the work of preparing the great encampment for

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ing them incorporated with the glasses in the posi

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in most cases we did not cut the auricularis magnus nerve. Another reason

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I must also enumerate to complete the list of known causes of

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to the Streptococcus hemolyticus in measles were 97 14.8 per cent.

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all its associated biological functions quantitative defect while in other

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tUtered in more than one respect. Xaturally not all the

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especially important. Within several rny students enumerated forty corn

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diseases of exhaustion and sometimes occurs after copious bleeding

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ically the examination of the peritonsum over the region of

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Insurance Company One PHICO Drive P.O. Box 85 Mechanics

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already manifest and therefore could not be expected to

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been told that a radical operation might be possible but that in any

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divided by septa of mucous membrane. Very often the

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with such a condition is taken it will be found that

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minute capillary plexus rolled up in the Malpighian bodies or through

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ing over a period of nearly twenty four years of some ten

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are about 100 000 orphans and according to J. S. Bil

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epithelioma of the pavement epithelium type. Soon afterwards the

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abstinence and special treatment. In all my practice I have found

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Embolism by parenchymatous cells. This is in general of more

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after this time the parallelism ceases as the failure of heart power begins

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velling after the acquisition of so many languages after the

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stop of themselves. The relief in consequence was imoie

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Anent the movement inauj rated by the Toronto Drug Section of

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are printed in tables which finally remind one of the lists of

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with a single effort increases. The explosive contractions of the

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the thumbg and index fingers of both hands applied flat on eithe

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this their personalities and something of patient effort are added a mother

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Treatment Da Costa insists on rest in bed with rooms well

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practices that are engrafted on the idolatry of the natives

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had an attack of colic about two months before admission. The precise

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vidual periods. In the Old Testament as well as elsewhere the

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health for old and young. From the cradle to old age it

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are known to be of fundamental importance to higher plant life. The

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us the compressibility of the artery. The blood pressure depends

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Eyelids show diffuse or nodular lepromata these mav ulcerate and

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published in 1600 becomes thus the basis of all our electrical

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disturbing the nervous vascular and trophic conditions of an

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malignant changes will doubtless be considerably in

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treatment is always a serious matter and should only be attempted



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