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operation. All the others were up and around in twenty four

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the book well up to date. If we wished to be captious

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fatal injury that can befall the consumptive is the exhaustion of

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in Lombroso s teaching. The days of the most violent controversies

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McMurtry to exclude every thing except chronic cystitis and um

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is a friendly co operation that will bring the best results to the

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takes place during the first attack but sometimes after two or

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been subsequently observed. The endothelial proliferation noted by

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case was as follows The patient was a lady aged fifty seven. In

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it is interesting to recall here in Scotland that McCall

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suppose that a change of this kind which can excite a reac

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shaped patch which is so large that it encroaches upon both the ulnar

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the faculty of Cooper College. The effort was well meant but not well

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chloroform and the head shaved. Mr. Pepper then elevated the de

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alterations of yellow fever are those of the liver and other abdominal

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and entered at once into the consideration of the arrangements for the institution

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bid states of the stomach its contents are thrown out by

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distingcdshed by physical inspection from potash alum.

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aasious about their oonditioa. Besides the ocrroua cardialgia utat

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no evidence to date ot sequelae of the reaction. While

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it has not even excelled them in original investiga

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Luce. Dr. GARSTAN i raised the iuestion of the adequacy

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One of these men offered me his flask which I courtc

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appearance of having been intussuscepted for 3 to 4 in. appen

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bility of contamination and accidental infections chiefly negative. Land

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exhibited considerable activity in total darkness but this was

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period. Self eontrol should be instilled into the mind from the first

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effects. In altering the condition of the patient for the

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that the internal saphena is of small value but that the internal

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ity of a radical extirpation of the growth and on the presence

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so suddenly developed itself also provided the family of the person in

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orrhage and died. At the autopsy there was found a general

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Miles and in the next year was associated with Dr. J. Edwin

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ment of the small scale survey of the globe and permit of fresh

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should be soaked in the tub as often as possible. Some

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surface. More mature erythrocytes show a decreased magnesium content de

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ported that during the past two mouths 45 cases had

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grows with a broad base from mucous membrane of rectum.

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all previous writings end with ifs buts and a few how

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sections of Injected preparations. In considering the structure

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and jejunum a singular ferment called by them entero

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three points that I should like to call attention to.


solemn oath which has since then been known as the Five Articles

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that this straightening out of the spirally twisted commence

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year Flora Temple lowered the one mile record to 2 24 1 2.

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in 1896. In this first article he draws attention to the fact

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appearance of the child at birth the presence of skin lesions enlarge

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vania Honorary Professor of Chemistry in the Wagner

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until it touches the under lip and at the same time not opening

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On the other hand Hartl and Hermann Bartel and Neumann Findel

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withoute sweryng. Beware that ther be neuer founden

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water to the extremities the liberal use of the infusion of

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animals which can be kept alive on board. Itisfcarce

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administered chrooo thermalogically to prevent a recurrence of another

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that itinerant vendors of anything intended for the

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oughfares of the world s travel the Auditorium is practically at

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The child suffered at birth from cyanosis atelectasis

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intolerable as also the Council s action in placing

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certain lectures is another matter. Here none of the

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pulmonic sound. The relative cardiac dulncss is scarcely increased in breadth

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to the knee and ankle joint as being the parts chiefly

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jectionable and much to commend. It comes too at a low

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ments. Clinicians however have long been of the opinion that a low

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guard too carefully against an immediate recurrence

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More recently systematic efforts to increase the butter pro

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gallop will be seen to extend himself very much but not nearly to

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did not seem to stop another interference was indicated. The

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tributed a sum of thirty guineas towards the expenses of the Interna

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his real weight in society goes for very little. So no

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povKis of a habit feeble and relaxed the more astringent prepara

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leucfemia before any enlargement of the lymphatic glands.

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could easily collect statistics and collate the facts incidental

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modafinil (provigil) or armodafinil (nuvigil)

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ward into two parts. The latter sheets reach to the floor the edges

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stronger argument could exist for an earnest attempt at early diagnosis and

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part of the vagina is filled the patient lying in such

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Among the subjects to be discussed are industrial acci

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it is seized upon by bacteria and fermentative processes ensue.

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ishment freely from the mother s breast. Early in the

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travelled along the lines of traffic up the Great Lakes and finally reached

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Report on two Crania of considerable but uncertain Antiquity. Proc.

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ing the seconds took the precaution of loading with

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mended by Eulenburg but the painfulness of the injections and especially the

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variations like all other tissues and are dependent upon the

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and progressive a part of medicine we know from the scanty records



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