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morphological appearances. Great progress has been made also in

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tcndo Achillis for club foot the object being to exclude the air

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heart sounds with greatest distinctness and starting from here

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are overstretched and thus have not the power to contract again

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few cases. As to the second or vaginal hysterorrhaphy

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management such as the dieting laundry work etc. or by

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treatment of tonsil carriers of this organism by the X ray.

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in appearance right lung edematous left lung collapsed by pressure

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in each group of 50 cases was obtained coming out as follows

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sheets of saline water in which the inhabitants washed performed

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accompanied by other evidences of syphilis. Intestinal hemorrhage is dis

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peculiarity is that the most moderate pressure on the nerves

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ippine flora no species of the genus having previously been reported from the

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show cause vhy the charter issued to this institution

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inflicted the one half of said fine be given to the

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every three mouths and hold office for six months if

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roentgenization is carried on alongside of this treatment.

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cyanosis and bronchial pulmonary dyspnea have nothing to do with

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vanced there is difficulty of breathing wheezing rattling in the

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an external thin and glandular layer filled with a fragrant essential oil

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considerable of the hardened fa ces. I also gave to the patients

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for they realize that concerted action codperative as

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determinations in the making of any individual diagnosis will be

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integration of bacteria. The amboceptor thus renders condi

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it comes to fixing standards of soundnesses it may be found

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vomiting with contraction of finewes convulfions or the

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the adsorption compound of the ipecac alkaloids for

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Dr. Frank Finney reported four cases of bone necrosis

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tricle. No blood in right ventricle iter or third ventricle. Crus

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from the pudic veita if they wen prcriously worried about their feel

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lar gout the greater number of cases occur in men over 40. In

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really get more value received at Sanatorium than anywhere else in

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time of operation that are likely to increase the blood loss

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communities are commonly free from measles and when by accident the

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its use. and that even if he survives its use a few

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life. The difference is enormous between the person whose

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have not cured the patient in the time sense we have

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the institution at present amount to about. 7 ooo while

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installation of common motor force for production etc.

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ceptors under the direction and supervision of this College.

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Mr. Stevens. He pricked it with a needle and it discharged

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the effects obaerved are referable. Several members took part in the

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suli hur baths are employed the baths themselves being of great size.

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social relations of such familiar things as his age the place in

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more resistent in others. The distance from the pubes to

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form of squamous celled carcinoma much more rarely we meet with

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ployed both in the house and out of it. The management of American



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