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ing of a constant size or possibly slowly increasing in one or

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eruption. Death has never been caused in man by the

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small jagged indentations caused by the degeneration

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Two Hundred and Eight elaborately executed Microscopical Illustra

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extreme of reflex irritation must be repressed or it will result

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monly closely akin to the retrospective addresses that the

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ternal circumflex artery to the pectineus. The anterior

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that a larger development of collections from wage earners

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ments multiplied so thai as the luug has not grown larger tlie Ttdeles

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amnesia for the automatic process and is not cognizant of what

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Avithout difficulty vhere the raw material is so plentiful and that

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vice furnishes medical and surgical relief to about

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before the reader in the light of an excusable blun

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ger. In proportion to the natural danger of surroundings extra

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youths who were its first members an increasing number

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Those who have a stronger constitution hold out longer but

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may have decided to run no further risks for he did not return

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long. Fredet. Muller s duct should pass over the inguinal liga

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physicians physicians will be safe in referring patients to them.

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of the plwsical and other properties of the blood which may

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results are based on one or more tests made relatively early in

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the word and naturally those most commonly heard are those that have

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irregular pulse great distention of the abdomen and diarrhoea. Pro

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CleanHness and order will render even a primitive and extemporized hospital attractive

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scattered. But in 189.S thirty years after the doctor s

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nature is sent to this hospital by transfer. The operating room has

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or five weeks were necessar to cure the patient of her troublesome and

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the wound. At the end of three weeks when the mother

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disease. It is not the object at present to discuss the chemical

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ciation. They never knew what orders they were going

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At the fifth month when the hair follicles begin to form the ectoderm

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Oommittee by the Boevoir Mbdioal ajr Suboioal Joubval So

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nicotin poisoning ensued. The pupils were dilated there were dimness of

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well marked structure but has lost none of the diffuseness which

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knife from the table in a sudden attack of frenzy and

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however enlargement occurs but it usually involves only small groups

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valium nervousness

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of arrows carried venom to the veins of enemies. Later and

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rash of smallpox. Send for the doctor at once or go to

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does valium affect male fertility

duce a sclerosis the treatment would still be indicated for retarding

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both of which are partially destroyed. From this point

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life. This reality it may seek in the constitution of the human mind

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known the fact that gastrointestinal disturbance is

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the sixth fifth and fourth ribs cut across near their

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Dr. Burchell accepted the correction and added that

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irritation and narcotic poisoning and would therefore claim to

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carried great reafon fo3 t at toee fee in man beafi es tbat

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Avith sapo viridis and hot water every night using a sponge or preferably



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