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Capt. James M. Kenned assistant surgeon was placed in com

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witness the effect caused several primings to be fired in a dark

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which unfortunately broke during tbe process of tightening. Having been

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We must look in quite another way at measles German

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patient useful adjuvants though these may be. What the hospital

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represents normal men and normal proportions of bodily development

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nee Deuteron. agnoscant cum ov iotx vo ct etc. rursus juuxit Clemens

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air may be introduced under the bedclothes either by an especially con

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Of 630 cases treated in the early stages by Professors Horner Schweigger

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discontented and dissatisfied. Under the benefits of camp life which

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lymph in case of failure of those previously operated upon and thus he

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a saline purge is administered. By this method Gonzaga

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contrary everywhere hard or at most became indistinctly softened or to

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dead is as changeless as the speakers the French is

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a large glass of lager beer at midnight. I am told on

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entirely different etiology. This class of cases is supposed to result

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brother was endowed by nature e possession of a mind well disciplined

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with conical prolongations the long axes of which correspond in

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thra causing a little pain at first but not sufficient

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Cjstotomie sus pnbienne chez les tres jeunes enfants.

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In looking over the history again in the light of the post

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on erect stalked axillary and terminal racemes rather longer than the

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substituted for these if desirable but if not at hand they

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vero atbletarum qui olco simplici vel aqua mixto vel ceromate ung gt

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man of Council the Chairman of Representative Meetings

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a patient to become blind from the pressure of a tumor which

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ment with facilities for hot and cold mineral water baths

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As the Buhmucoos liasuo is seldom much snclJcd or inliltnLtcd sare

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views presented for we endorse nothing cited in this

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covered on examination which M as freely opened. The man at

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the moment of delivery yet she cannot remain ignorant of the

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may vary in size from a small millet seed miliary tubercle

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viss. Lectures on the Diseases of the Lungs and Heart

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the temperature of the body is considerably higher intefriorly

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Dr. Dickinson that the morbid change alluded to begins in

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mulatto. The cause of death was cardiac failure subsequent to an attack of

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lies and to prove that water from the Thames and the

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theque dudit M. Naude a ele vemlue pour dix mille francs an

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bility of erring on the safe side by not sending away any

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iu a practical form from the members of their household.

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been engaged on the details of the scheme reports that

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tub. These baths are strongly effervescing bright sparkling and

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stomach was considered inoperable the patient was placed on



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