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serum were unaffected and developed in the usual man

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ation which is to become general must be based upon

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lowed with great success. Latrines with modified Havard boxes

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nate constipation chronic diarrhea and other diseases with decided

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Kindly mention MEDICAL SUlPfARY when writing to advertisers V r rrl gt

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possibility of syphilitic infection can be excluded a circumstance but too

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by the presence of a local swelling which may often be ob

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freely soluble in water. Originally introduced as a curative

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author emphasizes at every turn of the page the use

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limit to the degree of concentration which the kidney

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improving the health and social position of the masses

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change of food hay partly cured new thrashed oats eaten while

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means of steam at a temperature not lower than 220 degrees

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AMPOULES B containing 0.20 or Hectine. i PAINLESS INJECTIONS

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after treatment is carried out with castor oil demulcents

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which any attention has been paid to mosquitos in connection

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of a chick under observation during the second day of incuba

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wit or any story which was as Germans sometimes advertise an

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condiments beer and wine etc. In anamic and debilitated individuals a

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make fast with two half hitches or better whip the two portions of

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thus embleca. It is an euphorbiaceous tree and the fruit which is

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lished on the hand could be considered the boundary of the

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already received and whether it adequately fits them to practise.

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scientific and properly controlled actual experiments per

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expelled from the intestine along with the ficces. These larva which

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needle introduced into the lumen of the vessel seem plausible coupon code

PiERSON Robert H. First Lieutenant and Assistant Sur

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similar in some of its manifestations to the irritable

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ritis. There is hardly another affection concerning which the

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trouble according to the relative vital resistance of nerve and

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of her illness were of a severe shooting and darting

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treatment of venereal disease has been in force for about

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Anderson to the Association for Improving the Condition

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capillary turgescence hypersemia with the distortion pallor and

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the body weight and assuming that the latter averages 130 pounds

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after hanging. Forestus describes a case in which a man was rescued by

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It will be convenient to discuss 1 the character and signific

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mutual relation that existed between the doctor and his

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To day on the other hand hypertrophied prostate is the malady

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The movements should be of the simplest character at first and gradually

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not pass down into the stomach and various common French catheters

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of neuroglia following a greater or less degree of destruc

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The Maryland graduate has always been strong in his

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self disclaims that he is an antivivisectionist. His

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any real light on the question. The collection of receipts

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brane of the vagina and vaginal portion of the cervix especial

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among these is pain. But while we would expect it to

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being carriers either came to the laboratory to furnish the

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eases the Modern House and Eye Strain and Chapter V. on

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The Tungstate of Sodium Test. This test is very val

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Hemorrhage. Hemorrhage from the bone itself may be troublesome

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A chancre can exist only on the skin or on a dermo papillary

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fallen into error without seriously affecting their reputation.

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obliteration of the lumen already considerably constricted and as a result

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to the sides of the chest but this is not considered a serious

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and another in which the granules represent surplus waste material. Albrecht

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arm transmissions the advantage over the calf lymph of showing

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This is typical of life. The world loves a winner and seldom respects

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associated with a diseased condition of the testis for which castration

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for brainy men he cannot pursue university life unless his

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the uterus and carefully extracting the after birth administering

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out materially affecting the animal s reaction to the sensitiz

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pulmonary defect and disease appears particularly attractive

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corresponding fortnight of last year we find that the meteorological

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I have met with a few cases in which the catheter had been

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year to check the prescriptions the salary being divided

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Fig. 4 shows the tricuspid and mitral valves when they are closed

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tril is to be looked for with some anxiety. I have known some

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wishes to give about three grains if instead of writing

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to our oldest hospital remains to this day the dominant spirit

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tion of the skin and more especially of the pleura.

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