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be unique and as filling up a lacuna in medical literatore

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the Kmbs are most commonly affected but there are numerous ex

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should be taken from the bath upon the sheet a blanket wrapped

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given a technique which will control the infection preventing its exten

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of an unusual type. He will always be remembered by one brilliant

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Notwithstanding severe treatment the horse grew worse be

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into the barrel the needle is adjusted and the piston

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phuric Acid. Characters. Nearly colourless crystal

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seemingly neutral. The organism forms a blue precipitate

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of cow s milk and human milk but whether these differences in the

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Within the last fifteen months I have operated in this method upon

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disease and if this condition is general the prognosis is not at

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The result of analysis of two specimens tendered and the interest manifested by

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tion by association fibers etc. with the region destroyed.

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Blood examination April 23. Red blood corpuscles 5 020

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application of the electrical current it is desirable to stimulate the sound

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special senses is beset with unusual difficulties for here we are

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non due to the action of the plague toxin in the mucous

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of debate. Had he lived he would possibly have collected many

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It is a very common symptom in hysteria and neurasthenia particularly in

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the study of artificial immunity in tuberculosis. The questions

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effect as being produced through the sense organs of the fly and that

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Physiologic fatty changes is a condition in which there is an

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When a child is born to a woman that has gonorrhoea its

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tised at Cambridge. Income 25 per annum from friends and

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Professor of Chemistry in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College New York.

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gert consisting in areas of local necroses in the liver spleen

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best English modes of breaking carried out to excess and I am

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S. Army a school for the blinded soldiers and sailors modeled upon St.

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NOTE. ATold substltates in sbape of tbe commercial article bottled unflt

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encouragement to the pbj siciau to persevere vigorously

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downward with one wrist under the forehead in which posi

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It is interesting that the patient asserts that painful stimuli make

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one hundred and eleven years old and the probability ia

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are said to have been attacked simultaneously must therefore in

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Dispensary at a recent meeting adopted the following resolution in

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mouth excites tlie flow of aallra which oonsoqucntly occurs in most of

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following labor in all cases in which placental remnants are retained. In this

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arrived at the conclusion that it is only occasionally present.

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diseased the opportune opening of abscesses removal of foreign

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In some cases the disease pursues a reverse course palsy of the extremities

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principle for their object is still the mitigation of local inflamma

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ment of muscles. Toward its lower end the shaft becomes

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formed. Sutton has termed such implantation cysts. These

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of some of the authors Castellani Heiser Sir Leonard Rogers

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borhood E complains that quarantining his house merely on account

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the term idiopathic much as we may wish to banish that term from

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A Lbttbr from ntAVCB. Lieut. David B Medalia MX 618

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them to the dipping tank. In areas where cattle are systematic

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and consequently did not admit of re breathing was the

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inoculated with the virus of the disease its immunizing and curative

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tate to adopt the carbolic method is hardly justified

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Aldrovandus aflSrms that after dissection of many he found

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will be two buildings costing aoo fK 0 and 50 000 respectively

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and physiological data. Chapter VI L is on esophagoscopy in

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reference to the origination of return cases of scarlet

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catheter fever to the introduction into the bladder of

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tions on Chalybeate or Steel w aters with some Attempts to

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mufcle in her fore arm and another in her arm which occurred four

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learns with amazement the hidden inner world abysses of the

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contrary to the Lawe of god and Canonycall Decrees and

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infants. This plague has been made the subject of special

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Mr. Dodson on Tuesday to the question of Mr. Firth by the Local

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PHYSICAL PROPERTIES. This salt is met with in the form of a

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the exudate which may be mistaken for diphtheria or Ludwig s

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office protested against her conduct first to the girl and then

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delirium generally with greatly increased frequency of the pulse

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and disappeared by eight or nine o clock in the morning. What becomes

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selves were little altered. In three cases the lymphatic glands of

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In rheuwatic and in hysterical paralysis contractility is usually normal

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nized people pictures and objects and was able to read correctly

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town council of each count borough two represeutatives

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transmission to man and he believes that reported cases have

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for operation is distinctly unfavorable. In those cases

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vals of one to four hours. Resultant symptoms which

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The hygienic circumstances and the social condition are important

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held near the pubes and reflected into the bladder by

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standing case may lead to anxiety on account of the supposed existence of

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inteftines by glandular appetency and carry it forward to the vena por

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In the Ttnafmta and the Difenterie comming after it

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Extraction by the hand alone may bo effected hi many cases of

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cocious breasts increased in size at the beginning of the menstrual epoch which

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serum. As a result of suggestions offered by Ehrlich

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pleasant facial expression features regular face smooth

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Similar arrangements have been made by the Liverpool

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the probability is that if ether alone had been used

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their primary cause an irritation due to the presence of

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carditis mitral incompetency line of duty and mental deficiency moron

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gested produce decided effects upon the milk. Milk sickness



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