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Mix thoroughly divide into twelve powders and give one night aud

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There was no flatness to the right of the sternum and no dulness

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distinction between the three guinea men in Loudon and

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hundred passengers were vaccinated and the vessel fumi

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sion of these problems and beginning to discard maudlin sentiment and pxud

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and pharmacy elementary bacteriology medical juris

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of albumin with fine and coarse granular casts. Nervous

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Pentastome Pentastovm Eud.. Body cylindroid with continuous

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tary state of the district could be worse. The surroundings of some of

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was not known to Europe so that these were free from this devastating

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disease. This disease has to run a course and it generally takes

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is confused many critical matters are up in the air

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of sodium salicylate of a strength convenient for use as

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which cancer had followed an intractable eczema of the nipple he sug

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Hammer Koepke Heron M Call Anderson. In following out Goetsch s

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is generallv aggravated by exercise by distention of the bladder by

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the state for a period of one calendar year or part thereof for

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tion be protracted Cohnheim has shown that as regards gunshot

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tives then formed the most important part of the treatment and

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nize that it is a condition of which ihey will be proud

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the committee thought it desirable to take a summary retrospect of

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and uncertainties still exist as regards iudicatious for

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Lotions of the kind just suggested are useful in the

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refers to the three types of cortical monoplegia described fay Oppen

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like coagulated milk. He had taken no liquids for one or two

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phthisis might be obtained by noticing the power of expiration rather

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odor when bruised and a peculiar bitter somewhat aloetic taste not so

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is available as on the ocean and on salt lakes drinking water is

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some delay. But as Dr. Giuseppi and I pointed out in our

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properly inoculated individuals and is no more frequent in the subjects

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E. Exophthalmic Goiter. Normal values were found in one case

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units of a division be stored in Boston. On October 8 the Surgeon

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adequate cause of this kind is the readiest distinguishing character of

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though he more commonly knows that the vein is behind and

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tions she is suspected of leading an immoral life she

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slices reniform in shape and breaking with a short mealy

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had very little direct influence on English that the dialect from

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from the danger people do not enthuse over eating frozen sewage.

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technique for enlisted personnel have Deen organized at the Army

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right sided. The usual preference of femoral thrombosis for the left

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prevented the st nation of puriform matter but u his experience on

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creased with this class of tumors the more he dreaded

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The anatomical renaissance had begun. Into a discussion of the

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vagus than a sensitive or motor paralysis since such are

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from which it passes into the blood stream. Wegefarth finds that in the

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nervines and analeptics. These experiments as well as tlie circnm

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the described alterations which the kidney undergoes from the commence

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Offensive breath usually comes from decaying food par

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who had the pleasure of knowing Miss Pellat as a kindly

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give a greater proportion of shrapnel wounds than occurred in

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one other case male in the lateral sinus but the notes are

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careful attention to the course of the disease. For this purpose

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starting from a diametrically opposite standpoint finds subjective

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Name agents that prominently affect the respiratory organs.

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at Castle Garden after a voyage of ten days the medical officer

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whUe always loyal to his party obligations his political

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Haswedenkow which contains an exhaustive histological study of

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Mbmorial Professorship to Dr. Jamf.8 Jackson Putnam

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the removal of the birds but after this the insects would die out.

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tion commanders to eliminate undesirable men from their organiza

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it will also have the true odour which should accompany it.

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If the patient does not show improvement it may be necessary to

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ondary symptoms as in the other case is a guarantee for

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is before them and much brighter if they look or pretend to be

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between the first and second degree it may be entirely

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some cases it is accountable for a sixth a fifth and sometimes a

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tion inflammation and sloughing into the thoracic abdom

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means of a stock vaccine or an autogenous vaccine pre

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purgation are beneficial at the beginning of almost all cases. The

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leave its mark on the special senses and sometimes on the ex

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of scar formation. It is unwise to attempt electru

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placenta entirely covering the cervix. The patient s

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carilage existing at the base of the craniuni and appeL nTto be a

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responsible. We fear it would uke rather a large asy

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than excitation of the basal thermogenetic centres. Reflex

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in the entire city in proportion to the population.

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I have not noticed that women as Hasse states are more dis

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a time the left became similarly affected. He likewise fell a sensation

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beefsteak pie and felt no ill effects from the poison except tasting

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sloughed and the defect was filled with a flap from the

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certited intestine was freed but owing to the bad condition of the



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