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welche bald nach dem Tode eintritt bei Katzen und bei Och

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jection into the pupil of about one millimetre evidently

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Mich. and report to the medical officer in charge for

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where it is transient and followed by pain anxiety

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proportion being smaller than is met with in cystic fibromata and is of

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jMeetiugs thought the one thing the meeting had at heart

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fixed and is uninfluenced by deep inspiration. This too is an uncertain

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latter body has asked that the questions of over pre

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stance the patient had a wound in the lip and on pass

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monary irritant gases showed even up to five months after gassing definite

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his example is now generally followed. So also with hunters

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of grand mai and seventy of petit mal making eighty

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better were it not that she needed washing so badly which she

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course at the bottom of much of the licentiousness in

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a characteristic flatness to the expression about the

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its subdivisions of dietetics pharmacology surgery and sometimes

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attracted general attention until within the last few years since which

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ptoms became aggravated the face flushed the eyes suffused pupils dilated

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and the holes frequently contain fragments of cord by which they were

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glands. Healed necrotic area in the left adrenal. Healed diffuse

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tion of near work or rather its better distribution

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opportunity of meeting officers of the Medical Corps of excep

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ris after examining a large number of cases came to the same

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ISSO no less than 346G infanta are reported to have died in LoDdOR

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special value. The injuries dealt with range from mere

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ondary to the change in the nerve cell would be associated

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the venous slowing. The results of the attempts to produce

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quires no historical discussion since although evidence is at

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quence from a surgical standpoint as their function is

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The study section initiated plans for a national Sym

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gradually acquiring the traditions of the Medical Corps of the regular

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the rubl er tubing is fitted over the sharpened end of the

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like Huchard arterio sclerosis according to its situation we

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injection were in reality persistent in spite of its use.

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Urophy which occurs in general paralysis of the insane. HeadaehCj dizzi

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Though Mr. Hutchinson thus shows the shortcomings of the old clas

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disease when the myocardium is obviously weak. It is another

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matory swelling in acute septic tonsillitis. But the inflammation and

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length of the abdomen. The hind wings of the common cricket

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the feeble digestive apparatus or leave a large residue in the intestine for

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spread bilateral diffusion of the symptoms and the fugitive characta

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dry and moist rtfles over the dependent portions of the lungs especially

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tube is constructed shows its advantages and the defect

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after removal from the atmosphere of the gas. There were no delayed deaths.

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which case it is associated with transient loss of consciousness. A similar

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