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the same manner as the pleurae in pulmonary tuberculosis.

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water mixtures. The coagulum yielded by gravity cream mixtures and

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its posterior wall is always thin and composed entirely of firm bone

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Tinct. Pulsatilla is the great specific for Measles given in three drop

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thought she had lost her mind. that he might be helped. The director

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proved on examination to be tubercular. The patient got

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minutes before the administration of chloroform. It prevents

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In reply to a question as to what would happen to the

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malingerers it is notorious tliat in many cases no actual

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cessful treatment of large carbuncles with the X ray. He reports no

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obtained on terms closely resembling those in force in the Scottish

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If changes in specific gravity are disregarded for the time being

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inches in length which are screwed on the ends of the tubes

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erty. The best insulators become less efficient if their

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the patient bending the body backward maintaining this atti

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bear in mind the importance of this Avork since by it Avas determined

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normal. The nerve trunks of the upper limbs and of the thighs were

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tions precisely similar. One expressed it that the glans

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semination metastasis or progressive destruction of tissue by caseation.

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Considering now the discharge rate including cases of discharge

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the clitoris and often the lower part of the vagina. Prolonged scratching

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The program of professional study is quite rigorous. Employment during the

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glomeruli were little if at all affected in others the cell growth had

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eng at ed in the chemical laborator the sections being changed during

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summer camp or take a correspondence course and as all know the

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means uncommon in children and may be the starting point of other

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equation we will require three equivalents of phosphorus and five

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Name agents that prominently affect the respiratory organs.

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part of the encephalon may suffer as for instance if it be

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no 23. yvpauctoplTis Apud Lacedaemonios Romanos aliasque gen

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and institutions of that kind and is adapting them for

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peradventure it may be so backward as instead of ripening

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With the fall in temperature delirium occasionally develops or

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leprosy and the like in this respect the atrophy is much more speedily

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and January 1 1919 with dates of embarkation from the United States and

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Otitis in these instances is commonly an extension of the faucial in

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fistulae masseteric fistulae and old adherent retromasseteric fistulae.

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going to his nightly rest with wet bandages. The air

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the temperature was 105 pulse 120 full regular and compres

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mal sexual conditions frequently begin at this time.

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examination was now made with one hand in the pelvis and

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the theory of algebraic curves for their mutual benefit. Clebsch s

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in nature the assumed necessity of partitioning the shoot into

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says Ut Cullen which though evidently arising from the chincough

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removing the breast is indicated. The essential appearances under the

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I get coagulation. When however I took the secretion from a

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kaolin to 25 per cent. they have been tried as substitutes for

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showed two cases only which were inoperable. The rela

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clue to correct diagnosis. Incidentally several other

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Barracks to route recruits to the Canal Zone through a port other

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tion cigarettes are the least harmful method of smoking

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consent was obtained by fraud. A number of judges have



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