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the result of my own experience founded upon observations

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during either intrauterine or extrauterine life. It

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seasons. In hunting dogs out of condition the suddenly in

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tlie serum very shortly after the administration of one dose of the

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parentage displays a strong tendency to revert to the

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Symptoms on the part of the nervous system are rare consciousness

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the University of AberOeen Fellow of the Roval College of

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silver as they corrode very rapidly and are liable to

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the cause of the trouble. Much to my chagrin there was a recurrence

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urine he presented moreover a systolic souffle at the point of

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Ochsner s bravery in saying I have killed them. He did not

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in which the alcohol of decomposition does its work in erysipe

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a difference which is regional as well as local and extends from

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dispensers with no practical knowledge of therapeutics.

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angle were dne as ia usually stated to the obliquity

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of a tendency to that di seasc. The distinction be

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rather constipated and the functions of the gastro intestinal canal are

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tissues in the neighborhood of the patella not that in

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caries were put completely under control of the Col

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children treated by antitoxin 54 did not have albumin

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nearly so successful and is nearly as troublesome an operation. In

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was wasted very anaemic the pulse rate 120. The stomach was thickened

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every indication that the tradition is pure tiction. The nearest

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and the patient is not immediately overwhelmed with

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tal and Pharmaceutical fraternity ed with pelvic pains to such an ex

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duce complete vascularization of the thrombus. The prolifer

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Contrast of Death Rates. In Gualtatnala the deathrate

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that of medication it was natural that men should turn their attention to

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vo uminous and its skeleton is rigid and unaccommodating and can

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to each auricle will naturally influence the speed of its flutter.

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members of the medical and surgical staffs of the English

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ing position milking a cow was impaled through the vagina by another

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are nearly leafless. The pedicels are capillary and nodding in fruit.

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Sepulchretum sive Anatomia practica ex cadaveribus niorbo

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brevia into the stomach. The Lungs and Hart good the

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swollen and its usual bright red colour becomes darker. Yet although

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found over the cerebellum and in anotlier case over the

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ever ilie distension tlie g. il 1 bladder with pain and

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hemostasis is advised. The wound is closed entirely without

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scientific methods of to day. We have gotten as far as

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of the white matter of the cord it must not be thought

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am told occurring at the same time in that neighborhood

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passageway for the chorda tympani nerve to enter the

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Liver 1650 slightly enlarged and of very irregular shape

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crease of intracranial pressure acting either on the

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A few things arc absolutely essential for the maintenance of

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Caetheusee Johannes F.. Elementa Chemise Medico cum

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the 30 cases. 2 There were no symptoms of poisoning



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