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average total acidity 90 to loo f free hydrochloric acid

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pretation and application of the statute. Its language

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Not hitherto reported from the Philippines. Less widely distributed in the

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by the study of the great classical authors unless he

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side of a line passing through the centre of the observed

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cation. They are so frequently asso climate nutritious food and out of

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A striking example of this is furnished by digitalis. Originally

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liberty they conceal cases to avoid confinement and the camps for contacts therefore

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of sundry mental states so much as to find those mental states

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while still warm and before the blood has coagulated they will

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flat bones a tenderness to pressure that is the index

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there was complete inertia of the uterine walls. The patient

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seemed very desirable to try the effects of hydrocyanic

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with confidence rejected it. The same hath been performed

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genus hence according to the Law of Priority Agchy

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one rations with the view of eliminating as far as possible the

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patient had some septic teeth which were not removed

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waters examined by them are often so much at variance with the physical

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returned home. About a month later 1 received a letter

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by Sahli so as to preserve it until it reaches the in

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the patient by over dosage while on the The causes of such adventitious

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tients are usually controlled by firmness on the part of physician and

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The next incumbent of the chair of Practice was Dr.

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scabbard kill the child yet spare the mother dry up the

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interesting to note however that both she and the patient developed

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infected spatula twelve days prior to the onset of illness.

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they now rest upon philological literary and historical data sufficient

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course of intemperance terminated by a short supply of liquor or

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culous disease the association of syphilis and tuber

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ciation Dr. J. Howell Way President of the North Carolina State Board

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J tfh ta against consumptioD requires in tbe liret plarv that

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The resiliency of the cartilage at the point where it

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being very good to begin with as a diaphoretic. The condition of the

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The riolcnt h pcncmia of tho lungs mentioned in the pathogeny

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a university and what is more that he has belonged to the

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and muscular power. We must now take up those cases

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lanceolate having the cells of the antlier on their edge at the apex.

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of the disease but without lesions in the small intestine. The question

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jectionable questions concerning formulas treatment etc. will

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join and read these mystical letters than we Christians who

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mentally and physically 5 showed physical improvement only 2 died

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The above identification is presumably correct althougb the original and

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Treatment of the Pain of Dental Caries. Redier Journal des

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abdominal section on the progress of the disease. The

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the most eminent anatomists who describe these nor

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nerve is a derivative of the olfactory placode. The secondary

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tainly this shock cannot be considered as in any way seriously

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utter ignorance of its whereabouts ough it had been listed by

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rialismuB an attack of pleuritis or inflammation of gome serous q

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it has been noted that a degree of nerve deafness sometimes accompanies

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tion and condition of the system in acute disease likely to be susceptible

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teachers in both the scientific and the practical branches

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of these features are such that the pathological changes

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The dualism however was only a mediating phase of the return to

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where. Peritonsillar inflammation is not accompanied

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friction sound caused by the dry and inflamed pulmonary andcostal sur

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ter attended In those days than now. It will be seen

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of idiopathic diphtheria in structure. The differences are

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partial loss of vision through the use of atropin or other drug which

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Salol is slowly excreted as sulphocarbolic acid and sali

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formed extending from one mamma to the other and also dissected the

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vidual. His tastes and sensations should be consulted with the

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of neuroglia following a greater or less degree of destruc

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they will all have tolerable business for many years to come.

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and promoting inefficiency. He rightly comments upon

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practice primary care medicine in an urban medically underserved area



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