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recommendations of Council whether the fund was to ba
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form an obstruction as bard ficces omctimea do or cause oolidi
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Sidney J. Williams is secretary and chief engineer of
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kinrls produce more than the usual reaction. All re
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of the artery. The left ventricle is hypertrophied. The peripheral arteries
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which admits of being influenced so favorably in this re
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and none enduring the extremity of flexure or extension.
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She was still unconscious but was quiet and breathed
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opposed by the fact that since its commencement there
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aorta. This is almost a sure diagnostic sign. The so called night
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drug. The fact that the remedy injected hypodermieally
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Elmer November. In thickets and open forests below 150 m. abundant and
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the uterus very little enlarged but on the left side an inde
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costal spaces retract On perctission pi ecordial dulnesa is increased tbew
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Dr. Ira Van Gieson of the Pathological Laboratory of the
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Hemisphere. Polygala glomerata This species is included but the specimen
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of double nuclei was confined to the infusoria later
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nursing the entire area should be divided into approximately eight dis
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tic or malignant degeneration and bleeds freely. In a tumor of
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pressed by many clinicians that there is considerable
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through the air in the bronchi i. e. its divisions after entering
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packed with a dozen or more lumbricoid worms. Similar specimens exist
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observed and the youngest child in whom it has been
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and according to circumstances introduce another or resort to other meas
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ties. Here again the cysts in the brain and viscera were
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In the words of a recent writer the needed clinical work
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sarca speaks for heart lesions. If the portal system alone is
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flowers grow at the extremities of the branches in dusters they are
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and renders them susceptible to pathogenic organism.s with the
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be causes of the affection but the aetiological re
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ing desk amp some Benches made in the New house there for the
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oouchment have chills succeeded by intensely hot dry skin while the
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upper part of the thigh. Dysuria is also sometimes produced by
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al rethe mirabile delquale e stato dicto douenti animale e chiamase queste
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mis peeling off usually in large flakes or pieces sometimes in the form
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there was complete inertia of the uterine walls. The patient
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losis work. In deciding which children should be examined Dr. McCain
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is nndonbtedlj danger however iu giving irritant drugs by
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increase as the fast progresses the total creatinine
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after excision of the larynx. Just what the relation
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stiU more intimate as we had worked together for the
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inflammation from the same cause and we may note in passing
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In the use of amulets and charms for the purpose of ex
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ness irritability and depression in others the faculties seem enfee
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Wet steam should be turned into the heating chambers.
solution in water dccolorization and reprecipitation.
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latter cannot be used without them even for extraction of a head on
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this form of perversion. The victims are said to experience peculiar pleas
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breaks. It is most apt to occur following wet seasons. The
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diately above the caecum the ascending colon and the adjacent curve
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in the confusion it was emphatically repeated. Greater laughter
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statesman argues from his own experience that lowly men may be
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these bodies the oxygen of the plasma and the phosphorus
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unchanged. The attenuant of woman s milk is an import
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the number of blood lymphocytes presented at autopsy hyper
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the occasional vomiting the constipation the dress
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Surgery he was just conscious but could not speak and died on his
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others. The subject is well worthy of study. Meantime
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for creatin immediately after voiding the results correspond
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one of his cleavers falling from the shop block had
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come relaxed. Rigidity is of shorter duration in the
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