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the central nervous system. Wollenberg designated the disease as infectious

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will be found useful in chlorosis amenorrhea and some forms of dys

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tor. You budgeted another 26 million for construction in 1994.

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The recent report by Sanitary Superintendent Roberts

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Treatment Give three drachms of carbonate of soda in well boiled

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It combines two principles generally admitted by the legal theory

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nin arsenic and various tonics have been used with apparent advan

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twenty four hours. Distil one pint of liquid using a chloride of

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rapid improvement and cases with the symptoms of various partial lesions.

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duty in the division of the Philippines and will proceed to Fort

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feeblement of the arms from the shoulders downwards sometimes it is

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wounds were painted with tinct. iodi or if septic were

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difficult to explain. The urine examination blood pressure read

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preparations should be strictly avoided also such drugs as ergot gallic acid

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of cytoplasm is more stable or immune to noxious influences. It may well

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already disturbed potentialities of these myeloblasts would con

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immune to lobar pneumonia in his kraal suffers from it

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by the modern medical textbooks they fairly make the phy

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an irregular walk and to this regular repetition of

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the calcic salts approximating the proportions as nearly as possible

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if of recent development possibly indicating a gas infection.

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Offensive breath usually comes from decaying food par

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Yellow fever has disappeared from this country. So has cholera.

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die ear cavity if the opening in the SYMPTOMS. There are three

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them available for a larger number of cases. Each granule

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tomentose pedicels 2 mm long calyx 3.5 mm long divided for about

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dent position they are ready to state facts favorable

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other. The extension of the disease in the second case

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here it is sketchy and far from an adequate discussion of the subject.

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hospital before now with the same symptoms every summer she has diarrhoea

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given by a standard spermaceti candle but this light

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adequate cause of this kind is the readiest distinguishing character of

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omy forceps may be employed. If it is too large it may be

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sides the left can always be distinguished from the right side.

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medical personnel. The American base hospital unit as organized at

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was on the same lines as the scale which university

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two should continue to bleed and the two latter cease. The operations

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An Introduction to Physiology. By William Townsend Pok

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which has no tendency to close. He further observes that the

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tional psychoses Farrar 1 are as would be expected often associated with

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bucnemia tropica has now been satisfactorily made out by the

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meme. Madame la Palatine tante decette princesse nubile

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density according to Zeller is between 870 and 890 its oompodtion

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nervous system and leaves a legacy of unavailing regret.

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the same manner as the pleurae in pulmonary tuberculosis.

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study of anatomy he not only studied each membrane

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the medical and allied services should be co opted. These

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and sometimes twelve persons. They are continually coming in contact

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of the muscle fibres. The writer notes that 25 years ago there

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even encroach on the sacred hours of the Sabbath thus pro

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ordered to Plattsburg Barracks N. Y. for duty relieving

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far as space permits wc review those in tvhich we think

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medicine that Nature possesses vastly greater powers than Art in



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