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by nearly all of the associated symptoms which go to

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little advance. It was practiced by illiterate men with here and

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side to the right and with full expiration from the right to the

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It shou d be of interest to the surgical specialist and

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Soon after birth the foarmen ovale should be closed by its

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apices with diarrhoea abdominal distension emaciation and some fever.

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practitioners tending to envelop the whole subject in so

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that can support themselves with all kinds of luxuries and good

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genital ad ections of the mitral valve are notoriously rare. While met Mith

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numerous calls in connexion witli the war are causing the

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other large Lancashire towns with the enormous increases

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three days. Solid food should be withheld for thirty six

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more or less wrong and the results often negative. For

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completely divided into halves. The reduction in size of the

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woman knows these are built up of tasks which have been with

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antiseptic therapy is limited and in which the patient s

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sand flowers are required to yield an ounce and its suc

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the British flledical Association at the General Post Otlice London.

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mouth and tongue became covered with a white secretion which very

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est and most important of the springs it yields 860 000

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example of the transforming influence of bacteriological discovery.

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at others cedematoug. Spots of lobular conaolidation appear as d

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purulent inflammation and then the necrotic process. The latter is the direct

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phenomena before described. There was indeed in these cases a

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Photogravure from the Painting by Ansel in Fcucrbacli.

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may be mistaken for a pathological condition. It is

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et sans aveu moines defroques fraters apothicaires et bar

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in foul buildings in a hot moist atmosphere and with an uniform diet

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however and a slight murmnr was made out over the precor

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growing greater every year. And this comfort benefit Hardly a single

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increasing confidence. It is one of the best applications to the throat

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lowed by the family and no lesions of the digestive tract

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cess. They appear from one to fourteen days after in

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lation of parasite by villous c and by arterial anastomoses CAA

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In prescription writing the apothecaries weight and not the metric system

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as far as possible. If the fragment has already rotated

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pour Dunkerque est diflere il devoit partir demain.

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There is little doubt that nasal disease may give rise to almost every

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aud that neither the fall iu iufaut mortality nor the

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at the anterior angle of the wound. The bladder is now

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beginning and have besides a cylhider ei it ielinm they resemble

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time of feeling strong has passed off. They ought to

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moist lesion has dried up and disappeared or until as happens in a

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been made of an incidental remaik of the judge towards

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another which had to do with the reports of a practitioner

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oma. It is used in India to poison fish and in this country

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been passed on him that while he has never retained a permanent

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climate. This matter will be referred to later in discussing the dis

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latter case better results will be obtained if it is taken

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for the complete isolation and ostracism of such pa

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define the extent of the danger positively he says its

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clearly perceptible unity in manifoldness is pleasing. As this ar

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very marked sinking in of the eyeball. This discrepancy

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drying oven platinum dish beakers funnels filter stand filter

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On accepting the volume. Dr. Welch replied as follows

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The same rule applies to horses. Some men if they happen to

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has become accomplished past all risk of return we may set about

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Geological Survey h the result that it was found to

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terpene the hydrocarbon of oil of turpentine CjoHjg

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being greatly exceeded among those species with habits compatible

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Hill tells us that in controlling contagion 100 per cent efficiency of

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granular and opaque appearance obscuring the nucleus

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more felt than in the home countries it only causes needless

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Historical Development of Our Knowledge of the Circulation

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From thus meditating on the great fimilarity of the flrudlure of the

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further investigation. In some of the cases Nos. i and 5 the

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about until he suddenly collapses and dies in medicolegal



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