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After three months of training and equipping the command left Camp Gordon

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sonous principle is generated in the body cells as in the case of

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which it has been confounded under the designation of Garapattes.

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pear one after another in childhood St. Vitus s dance later

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the importance of the inquiry and expressed the thanks

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In spite of the enormous amount of optimistic litera

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nedge Lafayette. Dr. Stevens was elected secretary and was therefore

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well County. Two years later he moved to Greensboro where he con

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and the fact that the pneumogastric and vasomotor systems are readily influenced

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the precipitation of the calcium by a combination of

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arterioles capillaries and venules was no greater than that

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duced by quinine is due to the general excitation of the acoustic

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Besides the foregoing a number of unofficial prepara

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pletely under our control. The atmosphere is the ordinary

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boracic acid may be used once or twice daily. A pastille containing

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entrance into the pelvic cavity and complete expulsion is rendered

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when physicians cease to draw any distinction between

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quil and the infection in them would quite certainly be self

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Veratrum Viride 20 drops in half glass of water 2 teaspoonfuls

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Dr. Cheyne has rei orted the case of Colonel Townsend

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eitensive gas gangrene with massive gas accumulation along fascial planes. Accession number

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The cost of each heating as estimated for me by Mr.

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implies. Let us not be too ready to ignore the fact that most

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was met with in two infants sleeping in a room where there were

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depending not only upon accidental circumstances and individua

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patches. Chronic eczematous inflammation of the auditory meatus

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We do not here mean to infer of course that the symbolic

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who have enjoyed large and varied opportunities of forming an

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right lung lies higher in the chest than the left being on

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must have shown her anxiety to preserve the life of her offspring

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number considering the enormous amount of infectious material

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ularly on the inner surface of the thighs along the abdomen

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observe that strange effects are naturally taken for miracles

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inspectors are divided into two groups those who inspect for contagion

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latuf cutn valvularum ajjparatu cognito tubus intesti

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asked for its investigation and it is clear that the ob

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is observed no dangers result from a free incision

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this opinion because when the rod of Moses was turned into

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be able to induce hemorrhages in these regions especially when as was

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conditions and misleads physicians and surgeons alike is

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catheter is unnecessary during the healing process and lastly

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fluid which becomes brown on keep Creosote pills had best be avoided

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trained the doctor fed them much sugar. Sometimes they ate

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clear history of the attack owing to the ignorance of herself and

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independent medical men unconnected with those establishments. He

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small branny scales. Caused by a cryptogamic plant the Micro

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opening into the bronchi of two dysenteric abscesses. At

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aside in a warm place. The sac can be reached most conveniently

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ological knowledge of a kind that will aid the internist

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notably tough and resistant. The pleura are thickened and adherent.

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other cases had been published by Heschl 3 von Wahl Colin

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though both glands be entirely destroyed is not pro

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It is not possible to drain up hill which is what one does



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