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All women entering the University for the first time were given per

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the characteristics which distinguished the Practica of Bartolomaeus the

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of the Association can be jn gt il regarded as inferior to

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si in IK los irompo. Kst co parlor on liommo do bion. id

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gauze screens for doors and wuidows by the Quartermaster s Depart

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feebleminded or insane she is to remain a married woman and

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of Nature 1793 was brought to the front by Darwin. Sprengel pointed out

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secretion and excretion of the body at that time. The internist

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maybe beneficially administered in combination with solution of sulphate

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judicial exposition of the dangers attendant upon the

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ing an almost incredible amount of work and notwithstanding its hard service

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paralysis may arise from primary affection of the motor

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twenty days. Chronic abscess terminates fatidly from its complications

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jaw is so firmly closed as to render the introduction of an antidote

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irreducible inguinal hernia on the left. The irreducibility was due

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evolution of heat was thus transferred from the pulmonary

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of their limited subject. This may be attributed in part at least to

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way to treat an acute inflamed attack of eczema. The doc

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results being confirmatory of the existence of the two species

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out the whole interior substance of the lungs the black

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tea or water for five davs. At the end of that time

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glands. Healed necrotic area in the left adrenal. Healed diffuse

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other leading French health resorts are in every respect of

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extract and the animal preserved in a normal state.

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in disappearing astringent and antiseptic applications may be made to

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air. Cases which could not stand the harsh cold and

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enlargement of the breasts disorders of digestion jaundice diarrhoea constipation prolapse

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of the right foot there M ere three superficial ulcers two of them

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noted in each hand. He was given iodide of potassium and

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chapped hands face lips or nipples. Pills and extracts incorporated

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the body bandage is also to be resorted to to prevent admission of

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is an institution of the deepest importance to the welfare and

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rapid improvement and cases with the symptoms of various partial lesions.

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the students are as they are everywhere magnificent fellows

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well able to work has menstruated but twice during the last two years.

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of other forms as hematuria and purpura. Hemorrhage from

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mouth particularly imder the tongue mucous surface of the

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should be done more frequently even in spite of the grave

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Primitive man in this acted towards his divinities just

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The ice cap to the head is generally grateful to the

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failed to demonstrate acid fast bacilli but yeasts following an angina

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nected with the personality of the individual to the anterior association

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Kven with so little an understanding of the cerebrospinal fluid circulation

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suitable places on the line of rail. The base or general

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in the town of Cambridge. In the course of these experiments over

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State Medical Society died in the Jefferson Hospital Philadelphia

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haps the conservative man. Dr. Wells claims that we should



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