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it was ordered to Newport News Va. for embarkation. It arrived on August

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future would be such as to give rise to no complaint.

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whetlier tuberculous or not incision and drainage should be

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Saxon mind however it has seemed difficult to recognize the

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Pathological Anatomy. On a portion of the skin where the disease

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disturbed. The method is carried out in the following manner

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death which occurs suddenly as the result of an injury or

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purpura hem.orrhagica all of the formed elements may be favorably

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thickened pleura between the chest wall and the lung may all give rise

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be a crystalline material specimen preserved in formalin

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that the blood is too weak and watery. It is shown by

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frequent vomiting and debility. The other was an aged woman whose

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fever erysipelas infected wounds and in fact consider it a valuable remedy

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and a knowledge of the whole domain of ocular hygiene

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tration is not always accompanied by an increase in the retention of

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and favourable conditions for their development seem to be increasing

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a mind of clearness capability and uncommon vigor together

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pinnules contracted at the base and the segments everywhere conspicuously

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same time the heat that is developed is distributed and lost

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in several or nearly all the lacunae of one or both atrophied

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importance to the condition of the blood it is less

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nose and throat has its representative in the 100 chromo lithographs presented. In

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sheep casein which when coagulated by the Bulgarian bacillus

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disposing of her deluded patient s placental appendages

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quired Secession or nullification can only be regarded by the general

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cedure but the vast majoritjr of these cases majr be greatly relieved

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common among trotters but some that are not fast have the same

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Their results are based on a study of 340 autopsies

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two equivalents of bicarbonate of soda and two equivalents of caustic

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The second death occurred in the practice of a neighbour who

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contracted slate pointing to hiemorrljaRe in the enyelopes

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with which it is regarded and the greater the presumption that

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acting on the advice of their tuberculosis officer to decide in

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and kick with their feet thus paving the way for prehension and

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section of the ti i. at i 28 mm. in greatest diame

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distance of 9 miles and as the weather was a little breezy he

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uniformity of illumination by the simultaneous insertion

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conditions and their spirit of cooperation in attempting to meet the

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suffering from either cardiac renal or pulmonary disease great care

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bath an unaccustomed feeling of relief of comfort and aptitude for

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normal mortality of 1 to 120 as calculated by Matthews Dun

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of hypersemia. They are manifested partly by slight attacks of

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Pasteur showed that fermentation in beer and wines was due

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dorses Edebohls s method of palpating the appendix

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festly rendered the chronic affections from which the girls suffered more

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diphtheria pure. Pure diphtheria is to be recognized clinically not by the

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developed parotitis 3 or 4 days after the onset of orchitis.

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in old age unless they perish by accident or by the warfares

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order of the menstrual flow may occasion reflex vascular disturbance and

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genation secondary emphysema hypertrophy of the right heart and

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water. It is largely used in calico printing and forms the basis of

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admitted into the Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastleon

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medullary canalicular system undoubtedly possesses an active function in

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