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few was shown during the next thirty years by occasional records in

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of lethal diseases to all parts of the human economy.

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seventh pair of nerves was implicated in the suppuration. The mem

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tissues. The stains assume a bright orange tint when touched

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causes in families religious communities in themselves and

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pation by the intensely inflamed and very much enlarged condition of

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and every one of which should be separately stated to permit of a

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leave its mark on the special senses and sometimes on the ex

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universally employed. It is more difficult to obtain

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gates to prepare a scheme to submit to the second congress for

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other things to giving the medical man some idea of the duties of

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means of treatment in dealing with certain types of

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and much injected witli a deep ragged ulcer at its most promi

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Iowa March 5. The following officers were elected President Dr.

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jugular or femoral vein. Compression of the arterial trunk there

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secretes one must first know whether any portion of the acid

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For their dietetic value and refreshing qualities fruit

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the agglutination reaction. Blood serum is obtained from the

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diapers sponges syringes and obstetrical instruments.

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Geat John. Short answer to Dr. Packe s paper on Mr Worger s

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Faculty of McGill and Officer Commanding of the Hospital in

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brood oven temperature however as such a culture even after

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of Potassa Cream of Tartar in powder three pounds or a sufficient

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are on the other side many corresponding symptoms in both cases as

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then without warning the patient exhibits symptoms of

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vagina the still distended and painful mammary glands

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caused. The particular samples supplied caused my skin

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When the acute metritis is caused by traumatism as in the case of

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ent contribution will be received and read with much

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him the organ may be extirpated in young animals with

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injurious effects moral as well as physical chiefly

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Professor Newsom was absent on leave for the year engaged in

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the first fifteen years the flattening is 21 per cent during the remainder

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also into an eyelet the suture constituting an ellipse at this part which

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service as a whole. The work done included the sub

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as a consequence of perichondritis especially in and around the crico

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voked and cancelled by said director when it becomes evident to

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wards along tbe anterior aspect of the forearm. Tbe flexor i

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of speech there is hemiplegia the hemiplegia is nearly alvrays on

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and bradycardia of many forms of anomalous rhythm of

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of the growth the fact that the lymphatics and glands

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most valuable procedure. As a simple plastic operation it will

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is very remarkable for in general chronic sciatica induces a flaccid and

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as Maycl does. The number of births depends as we know from

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That self control is the highest quality of mind is

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places infiltrated with leucocytes. The epidermis was nearly completely

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year Flora Temple lowered the one mile record to 2 24 1 2.

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