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States with 11 deaths and 1 discharge. In 1912 there were 426
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erysipelas treated with streptococcus spreading of the lesions and hastened
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disease in the surrounding houses whether the number of deaths in the
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become imperative and long after it has become advisable they are
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the swollen condition of the belly. Synon. Hy drops Abdominis
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Contribution a I histoire de la Rhinocephalie et des Os Inter
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have been so far successful that no season elapses without bringing under
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into the subachnoid space there i a complete loss of pain sense below
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organisms was clearly shown. A case ot status lymphaticus
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R. M. Cunningham said that a thorough curetting of uterus occa
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Tinct. Cannabis Indica 20 solution in Alcohol and give five drops
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cyanosis and dyspnea. The Imigs showed many rales at both
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demand particularly in the West and South where hundreds were
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cannula of two concentric tubes the central one giv
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fracture to the extent of one foot in diameter then smear on
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Nervous dyspepsia is often associated with neurasthenia hysteria m
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It will be convenient to discuss 1 the character and signific
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I shall juote the Great Cham of Literature. There was
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the tuberculous adenitis was slight and early. He makes no attempt to
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cerebellum and changed for one If inches long. Dressings
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indistinct. The fibres of the adenoid reticulum increase in density and
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He found in the first instance that in a horse with the heart
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Ledderhose Strasburg reported a case of interperito
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was divorced from life being interested mainly in so called physio
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Filtered Water for the Soldiers. In an endeavor to supply the
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cases but a small quantity of bile is found in the gall bladder.
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breaks. A considerable group of cases that are not such are called
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Btlology. Hepatic tubercle occurs as part of acute miliary tuberculosis
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derived. All these elements both large and small show evidence of
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to sounds. By noting the ear and taste involvements the situation of the
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dress coat such ae is now used for evening dress he wore closely
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the saturated solution of counuercial aniline oil inaile hy shaking up the
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However when perforce the consumptive must live in the
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from the results of his experiments during the past
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Higher Algebra FsLCtonng highest common divisor lowest common multiple fractions
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withdrew the Treasury grant or a Unionist Government
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and agents to aid digestion are the only remedies. Alum has been
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effect of the strophanthin injections does not decrease
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right ventricle stays contracted longer than the left we get an
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have been distinctly decreased in height by this sinking
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considering the then very limited facilities for messing lar e organi
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pointed by the mayor to investigate the milk situation
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Sharply distinguished from this work is the Compendium Medicinae
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mustard poultice applied to the chest are serviceable. The bowels
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stomach who suffered from tetanic symptoms. The first
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to be the best form of treatment now at our disposal.
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cases presents many features for consideration. As a cause of ill health
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In the course of their work on human trypanosomiasis in the State
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from surgeons whose practice lies that way. It is their
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so sensitive that the injections cause them considerable pain.



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