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symptoms of meningitis althou h still quite conscious. There

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low five per cent. In the author s opinion the only

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This consisted of a number of large oval patches five

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ttnes was found inflamed. Thecie was no watery or mucous fluid in

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the stem on which it grew with a particular instru

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in the food. In ten days the dose can be increased to sixteen

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evolution of organic forms are doctrines that have reinforced each

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of course is that a small pneumonic patch insufficient to

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moults reaching maturity in about 10 12 days. Sarcoptic scabies is

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indicated above of soliciting the patronage of the sick and

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intestine. The proportion of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis is about

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gumes and greens so common in every family. Three or four centuries

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ties on pellagra in this country and at his advice corn meal was

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passed he says were singularly wretched though there

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ance of his unconscious mind and to tlie necessity of tho

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A fourth objection to the operation of extirpation ig

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over strain are sufficient to start up degeneration in

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Hayem s clinique the increase in haemoglobin was marked from the

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valium and librium are examples of

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Wasdkn Eugene surgeon leave of absence for seven days from

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Skui.l of a UrnKotKi HAi.if Foal thk Cranial Rooi ih Dki icient

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status the principle of restraint of trade is conceded I

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A treatment of the Asiatic species of Scolopia including the Philippine

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The interest of the third period centers in the revival of human

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Treatment Commonly bronchitis requires little treatment.

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given a technique which will control the infection preventing its exten

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edness to the Report of the Inspector General Losada

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crystallizable or factitious salts as the Ferro citrate of Iron and Quinia

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use. The editor of the Medical Age very pertinately says many

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his condition no physical examination was made except

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Treatment. There is no phin of treatment that can restore the degener

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tion at once we must commence slowly warming and pro

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ought never to be named in the business. I am sir your obedient

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have the disease the people of the older families and the more highly

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FOESTEE Thomas L M On the destructive operation of spirit

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seven deaths or thirty five per cent. Amongst the population at large

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is a rather rare condition a very careful search of

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operation that night and although I was fully aware that there was no

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plants flowers shrubs and trees which occur more or less

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Antityphoid Inoculation. Such inoculations have been

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tight strapping and counter irritation are of real ser

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When taken by the peasants of those localities which they most inhabit

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a vasomotor a sympathetic disturbance in tension without dis

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manifested if the sentence were read in conjunction

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variously stated to be formed by confluence of fixed cells Kockel



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