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itself rendered inactive. It is a bitter and cholagogue purga

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fuse lachrymation hoarseness sore throat furred tongue more or

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derived from the data before them is that these alkaloids hitherto

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sex it appears that during the years 1S74 77 the percentage of males

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Expeditionary Forces at large. At this time the hospital operated in several

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gastrium depression of spirits and other symptoms of

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are arranged so that they may be readily sterilized by heat or

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New York Etc. William Fubness Jemks Prize Essay of the College

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are imiformly sterilized as a matter of routine bottled milk

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causative agencies acting on the tissue produce structural alter

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this work has been prevented thus far by other duties.

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than one third the price of the guttm ammoniaca or pure gum.

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feathers. One method of treatment consists in inserting a feather

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the ease and that uniformly satisfactory pictures can be ob

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venous ligature or ablation is indicated hysterectomy

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an average measles scarlatina and typhus having prevailed extensively. In

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skin characterized by itching redness and the formation of vesicles.

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consequence of the evaporation of the iodine light also appears to eiert

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General Indications For neuralgia of every type this remedy

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molar lower was extracted and inside of an hour there

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Notwithstanding the sadly misguided influences of a periodical

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Cystitis. I have combined Papine with Bromidia which gave in

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students arc enrull J f ur ni the pniseut session. The require

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dwindles in all its parts. 2 The texture of the muscular walls

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that no one should ever suppose that a consumptive was im

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the food reaches the consumer in a state of perfect

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of the oesophageal mucous membrane in which the epithelial layer

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American Medical Association and one by the American Con

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not infrequently present The sensation is variously described by the

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such as pneumonia or acute Bright s disease. The symptoms in that event

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whether her condition had been due to the pepper and salt

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covered and the last lumbar and first sacral vertebr. e found

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between benign and malignant growths in the recognition of tuber

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Beauchamp dates back some twenty five years may I be

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from the practice of individual members of the society.

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firmed the earlier findings of Pogojeff 88 and likewise had

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had had a rather hearty meal a rupture took place the

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such worthless and dangerous trash upon the community as we com

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In 1894 we discovered similar disturbance in a ten year old

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October 14th at 4 p.m. and at thi same hour on Tuesday October

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feel the program would be sustainable as it currently functions.

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from the three sources were identical and are as follows on agar

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from the whole plantar surface. A crossed plantar reflex may sometimes

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during the first week after operation or even later sterilization of the

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profuse intestinal hrLMnorrhai e. It is associated with pain and tenderness in

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opium poisoning and may be used to advantage within the limits

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vulsion blood letting frequent administration of small



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