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On admission the gait was spastic and the patient was only able to

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Up to April 9 the dyspnea continued unabated in spite of

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KoBKRT andothers and 2 Professor Bennett of Edinbur.

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whenever a house lias to be built in a malarial place.

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scruple elsewhere to call one of chronic inflammation.

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and clinic employment of these irregular and defective chemicals. It

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any hemolysis. Ascoli states that in a certain number of cases

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we have been discussing. When a dog which had received a

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accuflomed to eat in the night gt neither fhould it have

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Leete of Guilford and whenever medical services were re

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and progressive a part of medicine we know from the scanty records

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degeneration of the pyramidal tracts was the underlying lesion and while

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acid is converted into arsenic acid thus 2Fe203 As03 4FeO As05.

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towns with the intention of applying the results directly

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ing the omentum to the abdominal wall securing anastomotic

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eru gt tion. with coldness of ihe extremities especially

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grants were made to the Universities of Glasgow and St

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discovery of alcohol like the invention of gun powder may be

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is expected to be in full operation at the end of September.

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men I might be tempted to pursue further so grateful a

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has endeavored to show in opposition to the view usually held

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tem into the digestive tract for instance it cannot

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rosis where with a much diminished quantity of haemoglobin the

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attention to the fact that the facilities of the health

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Here very powerful variola produced no vaccine in the calf

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patients equally readily where a patient is unable to be seen

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diarrhoea that the internal use of oil of turpentine

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suited through the curriculum change. This revision

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is valium good for alcohol withdrawal

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mental and they have even been supposed to be beneficial to

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wound through the back is more difficult to diagnose

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meningitis. There was an acute and well marked lymphadenitis of the bronchial lymph

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observation and induction rather than a speculative genius.

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African Pestilence. A steam sloop the Eclair and another called the

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just where to look for that vessel. The possible lesions of the

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ing suffocation. It has been my misfortune in the course of forty

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Illustrations. Philadelphia P. Blakiston s Son amp Com

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and death have followed its ingestion. The red blood cells

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more perhaps than any other thing to diminish the now alarming

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was met with which could not be passed. It was possible

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right during spasm whilst in the case of a left pontine haemor

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this altered condition of the blood changes are effected in functions

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spontaneous recoveries after a period of five or six years. These

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is inclined at a bad angle. 4. Tore establish the equi

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intention to propose such a measure for he distinctly

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contrary everywhere hard or at most became indistinctly softened or to

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The salaries of the medical and surgical staff the fees

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are hurried deliveries adherence of the after birth to the walls of the

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lungs he had examined. The material deposited in the air cells of

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there causes aphonia. Even after its total extirpation

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a pressure necrosis of the important organs affected in

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from two to three minutes by the passage of the poison into the



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