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of fourteen days during which time the ventricular rate rose to

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John Newport Langley who succeeded Foster as professor of

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vous disorders frequently predispose to it. Herpes of the genitalia it is

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OS a mass of soft necrotic tissue. This unusual con

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Granting the existence of Marinesco s reflex arc for nutritive pur

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tation opened possibilities for accurate physical diagnosis such as

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The renal cells are directly stimulated and it is thought that

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rubbed daily into various parts of the body on the first day the

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juries of the head chronic alcoholism and heredity.

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five shilling piece erysipelas aiul a thrombosed vein. Before

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the occasional vomiting the constipation the dress

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generative changes are just as likely if not more likely to

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two species than to say fever pneumonia and arachnitis were identical be

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procedure is better carried out in a regimental infirmary.

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disappeared by this ti me and it is possible to give

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pletely bore out Dr. Fenwick s conclusions. Twelve of these cases

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Avith a covering glass and a drop of glacial acetic acid allowed

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icmuuerative burden on the ratepayer and that it would

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currents as applied to medicine. Further it has been shown during

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stration was so plain as to attract the attention of the unlettered

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this food daily 3 acquired pellagra during the two years a higher

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of plates but seldom is to any extent tubular and is always

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also a selective affinity for special tissue elements the suggestion follows that

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again every dose. In tlio febrile cases the original doso

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the pupils become dilated and there may be strabismus and even retraction

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The conclusion to be drawn from this is that the epithe

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the river bed by tbe tidal flood. If the water used by

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spects the mutilated individuals seemed normal and lived as

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examination in the absence of the ordinary causes of that

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Alkaloidal Clinic. The author takes the possition that all cases of

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cording to the time which had elapsed since the on

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means of treatment in dealing with certain types of

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Infantry Robson Robert Surgeon 91st Infantry Rockwell William

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matter together with the anterior and posterior roots for their healthy

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able and intelligent members of its own and other colleges and

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poet thought and felt and sang as making up along with his people

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extremely valuable. The active substance has been isolated

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successive chapters the author gives a summary of. the

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possibly find some plasmodia malaria and we will keep the child

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time and of adhering to exact observation and to the logical pre

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concerned has nothing to do with the bladder. I found an infil

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Captain John Ross to the Polar regions when the sailors ate of

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of his second year is busy from morning till night.

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the opinion that several dermatites which are now generally

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ounces. The oatmeal is cooked thoroughly with water for two

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diastolic murmur were heard the former being trans

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